Monday, January 21, 2019

Israel : Reveals more information regards this morning strikes agaisnt Syria

(Jerusalem)  The IDF have revealed that they have struck numerous targets inside Syria pertaining to Iran and Hezb-allah.

Also revealed was the fact that Syrian air-defence assets which protected those sites were also taken out:
What is really interesting about the above video clip is it shows the IDF aggressively taking out Syrian Anti-Aircraft batteries, including (seen at the end of the clip) the so called all singing dancing Pantsir S1 missile system of which Iran purchased 50 for Syria on the basis that it is promoted as one of the most advanced and effective anti-aircraft systems in the world. In fact so good does the Russians see the Pantsir, they actually use it to defend their S300/400 missile batteries .

However it appears that the IDF didn't get that memo last May when they took one out and shared the video for all the world to see. The Russian excuse was it had :
a) Run out of ammo
b) It was turned off
With that in mind, I wonder what excuse they will come out with this time.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Belgium: Courts tells Government it must take back entire ISIS families from Syria/Iraq.

(Brussels)  The Belgian government decided last year that children of IS fighters from Belgium under the age of 10 would be allowed into Belgium, However there is a reluctance to accept the mothers too, however in late December a court ruled in favour of two Belgian women, Bouchra Abouallal and Tatiana Wielandt, who are being held in the Al-Hol refugee camp in Syria with their six children. The Court of First Instance in Brussels overturned a lower court's ruling and said the women, whose husbands both died fighting for IS, must be repatriated with their children. Failure to do so within 40 days, so by the end of January, would result in a fine of €5,000 ($5,700) per child, per day.

But this is where it gets interesting Bouchra Abouallal and her sister in law Wielandt first went to Syria in 2013 and when her husbands died both(pregnant) returned to Belgium with their children under pressure from their family. Back in Belgium both Wielandt and Abouallal enjoyed great prestige in circles of extremists Belgium, as widows of a Syrian warriors. They made little effort to deradicalise and they gave their newborn children names that referred to the jihad. The children of Wielandt are called Mujahid (warrior) and Shahid (martyr). However they both missed the thrill of oppressing non-Muslims and so in the summer of 2015, Wielandt and Abouallal returned Syria with their two toddlers. In a Facebook post from Syria Bouchra Abouallal mocked the Belgian deradicalisation policy
 “Your system has failed, oh Belgian state. You kept an eye on us 24/7, and you still have not managed to stop us. (...) We left for Syria because we believe this is a duty for every Muslim. You have given us that last nudge, "
Abouallal met the man of her dreams in Abebe Oboi Ferreira a  ISIS terrorist from Trinidad , he had kidnapped his two sons Mahmud (11) and Ayyub (7) and as Raqqa was falling, he sent her with his sons away. However she wanted nothing to do with these children and left them at the side of the road, and yet she pleaded with the Belgium courts to allow her to return to Belgium with her children as she wanted them to grow up in safety . Pity she didn’t feel the same way for her black stepsons she abandoned at the side of the road in the middle of a war zone and meanwhile the human rights lawyer who fought for the right for these unrepentant jihadists to return to Belgium are complaining that they are receiving hate mail. Gee I wonder why?

Syria: Israel admits to carrying out waves of attacks on Iranian targets inside Syria

(Damascus) Israel's ongoing bunfight with Iran and its proxies kicked off again tonight when the IDF reported it is carrying out overnight strikes on Iranian targets in Syria after it intercepted a rocket fired at the Golan Heights. In a rare admission, the army said it was "currently striking" the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Quds Force in Syria and warned Syria's military against "attempting to harm Israeli territory or forces".

Israel has drawn a line in the sand regards Iran and its attempts to build bases inside Syria in which to support its forces (and proxies) wage war agaisnt Israel. Things appeared to go Iran's way when the Syrian downed a Russian spy plane last year with Russia furnishing Syria with advanced S300 anti-Aircraft missiles. However, the IDF have swatted that threat to the side and continued striking Iranian assets inside Syria with the last attack taking place a week ago:

Sunday morning (20/01/19) it was reported by Syria that they had stopped an Israeli attempt to strike inside the country. But the interesting thing here was the so called strike was made in an area defended by the latest M2 iteration of the BUK missile system . Also 2 cargo aircraft on route to Syria from Iran (One an Iranian 747 and the other a Syrian military cargo plane) had to return.

In retaliation , the Syrians launched a surface to surface missile at the ski slopes, which at this time of year is packed with skiers. That was taken out by the Iron Dome anti-missile system.
Well this evening the IDF replied in full and with a reported 5 waves of missile attacks have struck targets belonging to Iran inside Syria. As stated in a very rare admission the Israelis have actually admitted to launching the attacks. As per usual the Syrians have stated that they have brought down all the missiles and as usual buildings have ceased to exist inside Syria.
The Russians are reporting that the strikes took place on an arms shipment made today from Iran via the use of those 2 cargo aircraft which turned around earlier today The thing is whilst the Russians are saying only 7 missiles were launched and they were all shot down, the Syrians are claiming they shot 18 missiles down and yet as per usual (as mentioned above) warehouses containing Iranian missiles have gone up in smoke. Funny that. I'll update this thread later as more information becomes available

Egypt: 14 terrorists killed in Sinai

(el-Arish) Egyptian security forces killed 14 terrorists and seized a ton of explosives in an operation in the restive northern part of the Sinai Peninsula outside the city of el-Arish, adding that the extremists had intended to plant roadside bombs in areas between there and the cities of Rafah and Sheikh Zuweyid.Other weapons caches including explosives were found in the more central Sinai Jabal al-Halal mountain area.

Central African Republic: Portuguese paratroopers raid rebel base

(Bambari) The Central African Republic has seen nothing but pain and destruction after Islamic rebels took the Christian country at gunpoint in 2013 and decided to make life a living hell for those who didn’t support the faith. 

Problem was as the country is 80% Christian as opposed to 10% Islamic, it wasn’t long before the majority Christian population fought back. The UN sent in troops to try and keep the peace, but as this is the UN (and I've worn the blue Beret)  they will do very little to protect the victims of any conflict allowing those with the bullet and the bomb to have their way. Which is why armed Islamic groups still litter the country and one such group the UPC (Union for Peace in the Central African Republic) decided that as they were short of supplies that they would raid the local town and levy a tax on the inhabitants on the 10th of January. For once the UN decided to actually do something and sent in Portuguese paratroopers to show the UPC that killing non-Muslims in a Christian country will not be tolerated. 

US: Regards the media and their story about abuse towards an Old Native American Indian

(Washington) The media  is currently on overdrive regards the so called abuse an old Native American received whilst minding his own business in Washington by a bunch of MAGA wearing school boys.

As is the case, the left have painted these school boys as racist. Yet further investigation shows the full story hasn't been told. The school boys were actually celebrating their own school when the Native American walks into their midst whislt banging his drum. Hey don't believe me watch the actual video:

What is also strange is nobody is mentioning this hateful outburst at the same event.

From the evidence above it appears these rabble rousers went out oftheir way in which to invent a fake hate crime in which to promote their own political agenda.

Mali: Hours before normalising relations with Israel, Terrorists attack Chad UN Base, killing 8

(Aguelhoc) Hours before Chad and Israel renewed diplomatic ties, Islamic terrorists struck a UN base in the north of Mali manned by Chadian UN troops, killing 8 and injuring 7. The attack happened early Sunday at the Aguelhok base 200 kilometres (125 miles) north of Kidal and towards the border with Algeria

You'd think that any military commander based in a country beset with Islamic terrorists whose own country was smoking the pipe of peace with Israel would have increased security if only for a short while, because as the world has seen time and time again, these blood thirsty idiots who work out of Alis snack bar, require the least excuse going in which to go out on a murderous killing spree, whilst foaming at the mouth.

Europe: Navies of the Baltic states

(Naval Analyses)  The following infographics display the ships of the 3 Baltic states navies:

The Estonian Navy in 2018 consists of the following warships:
3 minehunters (Admiral Cowan, Sakala, Ugandi), 1 minelayer (Wambola)

The Latvian Naval Forces in 2018 consists of the following warships:
1 minelayer/command ship (Virsaitis)
1 logistic support/command ship (Varonis)
5 minehunters (Imanta,Viesturs, Tālivaldis, Visvaldis, Rūsiņš)
5 patrol coastal boats (Skrunda, Cēsis, Viesīte, Jelgava, Rēzekne)
6 small coast guard patrol vessels

The Lithuanian Naval Force in 2018 consists of the following warships:
1 minelayer (Jotvingis)
2 minehunters (Skalvis, Kuršis)
4 patrol vessels (Žemaitis, Dzūkas, Aukštaitis, Sėlis)
and very few other auxiliaries such as tugs, transport and training ships.

Ireland: Trying very hard to revoke jailed jihadist's Irish citizenship

(Dublin) I have to laugh, Ireland which had no problem hiding IRA terrorists after the rest of the world wanted them for terrorism, which took back with open arms , the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader who went to Egypt in which to protest or even fight) agaisnt the current Government after the Muslim Brotherhood were kicked out of power, which openly supports the likes of Hamas when it comes to Israel. Which objects to US planes refuelling at Shannon airport because the yanks are targeting Islamic terrorists . Is seeking to remove citizenship from Algerian-born Ali Charaf Damache who gained citizenship in 2008.

You see Ali received a 15 year sentence last year in the US for trying to murder a Swedish cartoonist and the now very common act of belonging to a terrorist group (al-Qa'ida) which in his case entailed encouraging Americans to fly over to Europe in which to take up a very short life of Jihad oh, he was also the ring leader of the group trying to get those Americans to utter 'Alis snack bar'
Well as  as part of his plea bargain , he is set to be deported to either Ireland or Algeria at the end of his sentence.. Well the Irish are having none of that and are going out of their way in which to remove his Irish passport. The thing is Ali isn't happy and is very eager to retain his Irish citizenship as you see he is worried about being tortured or killed if he is returned to his native country. He has also argued he has relations in France and revoking his citizenship will isolate him from them as he will no longer be an EU citizen.

Expect a huge cash payout in the future to this poor Irish citizen for hurt feelings, but hey got to laugh how the Irish who have had no problem supporting Islamic intolerance elsewhere have found out the hard way that affording these people citizenship comes back to bite you very hard.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bulgaria: Six people charged With financing ISIS

(SofiaAfter 43 arrests on Jan 18 across the country on a suspected criminal ring that had been financing terrorist groups. Five Syrians and a Bulgarian woman have been charged in Bulgaria with financing terrorist groups in the Middle East.
Rumiana Arnaudova, a spokeswoman for the attorney general, on January 19 stated:
"The group transferred at least 25 million euros [$29 million] to terrorist organizations over four years"
The money transfers are alleged to have taken place since 2016. Arnaudova said the financing had been carried out across the border using the traditional Muslim "hawala" system that is difficult to trace. The criminal ring had also bought 100s of cars in Bulgaria and transported them to terror groups inside Syria via Turkey which borders both countries.

The Royal Canadian Navy of the future

(Naval AnalysesThe Royal Canadian Navy of the future graph below illustrates the main surface fleet and submarines of the Navy by the mid-2040s.

The Royal Canadian Navy of the future graph illustrates the main surface fleet and submarines of the Navy by the early-2040s (tankers, auxiliary vessels, etc. are not included). There are currently two major projects underway that will see upgrades to Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) capabilities. There will be, as of November 2018, up to twenty-one RCN ships under construction: up to fifteen Type 26 frigates 

and six Harry De Wolf-class ocean-going patrol vessels (OPV).

UK: Pious Muslim takes offence at Toilet paper, demands store be boycotted.

(UK) So a Muslim went out shopping the other day, popped into his local Jewish (Yes Jewish) Marks and Spenser store and purchased a pack of Aloe Vera Toilet tissue. On opening the pack, he was , yes horrified to find the Allah printed on the toilet paper. So like all good Muslims not only is he spreading this blasphemy to the world, he wants people to boycott the Jewish store.

What I can't understand is how a so called pious Muslim not only purchased toilet paper (Muslims don't use paper but rather use their left hand with copious amounts of water in which to wipe themselves clean, but he did so from a Jewish store.

Marks and Sparks have replied stating:
The motif on the aloe vera toilet tissue, which we have been selling for over five years, is categorically of an aloe vera leaf and we have investigated and confirmed this with our suppliers.”
Anybody else think that this bloke is talking shite.

Mali: French airstrikes kill 15 terrroists in Mali

(Bamako) The French Government has revealed that they carried out a airstrike on a group of armed terrorists on the 10th of January as they congregated together prior to making an attack in the Dialloube area of the country.

The strike saw the attack thwarted and the deaths of 15 armed religious thugs. French troops are based in the African country as part of Operation Barkhane, which targets Islamist terrorists in Chad, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.  

Somalia: Terrorists mess up big time attacking Army base 52 killed.

(Bula Gudud) Saturday morning and as is the way of the Islamic Al-Shabab terrorist group inside Somalia, they decided to attack the isolated Bulogagdud army base 50 kilcks north of the town of Kismayo. However things didn't go exactly as planned for them.

So at the crack of dawn they launched their attack with the detonation of 3 vehicle suicide bombs , followed up by an assault by lots of gun totting religious thugs. The attack killed 8 soldiers, with the rest retreating out of contact. The terrorists ransacked the base and then made their getaway with their loot. Problem for them as they drove away, a number of US air-strikes took out the truck and a couple of their vehicles their thugs were travelling in, resulting in 52 getting killed.

Indonesia: Muslims offended by a compass road mosaic as it looks like a cross.

(Surakarta) The local city administration in Central Java, decided to spend a bit of money in which to update the city and as is the way of the bureaucrat they started off with cleaning up the area outside city hall. They pulled in an Islamic architect to design the new look for the city and guess what, the local shariah board aren’t happy. It appears that the mosaic laid down in front of city hall has offended them due to it resembling a cross. Yup so after holding a number of protests, the last yesterday the city council has seen the error of its ways and decided that the offending mosaic laid down only last month will be covered up with paint  

In response the mayor Hadi Rudyatmo, who is a Catholic, said his administration never planned to have a cross-shaped road mosaic in front of his office.  
“If I [had planned] a cross on a road, I would have blasphemed my own religion. A cross is very much respected by Christians. No cross is placed down below. All are placed up above.” 
He also stated that the mosaic was actually inspired by keraton (royalty) symbols of the Surakarta Sultanate and that its designer was also a Muslim. The public works agency's secretary, Mr Taufan Basuki, said the mosaic design had been integrated with the Pemandengan Statue, Gladag traffic circle and the Kasunanan Surakarta Palace hall, all located in the area.
"The design has to be seen as one, starting from the Pemandengan Statue until the Gladag traffic circle. Not separately,He also explained that the mosaic was designed based on the eight directions of a compass with the Pemandengan Statue as the centre point. The eight directions are shown with the yellow lines of the mosaic.

The ethical latte brigade keep on screaming that the west is intolerant and racist towards others and using that drum beat demand that mosques and other vestiges of the Islamic faith be allowed to be built as if they were in their home countries , despite not fitting in with local building rules , yet as we have seen time and time again, that  courtesy isn't mirrored in the countries these people come from, or for that matter in areas in the west where there are large Islamic populations. tolerance is a two way street , yet to the faithful , it can only be a oneway street when it concerns them.


Thailand: Attack on temple sees 2 monks murdered.

(Narathiwat province)  Yesterday (Friday) Gunmen targeted a Buddhist temple in the south of Thailand killing 2 Monks. The attack on the Rattanaupap temple is just the latest in a terror campaign carried out by Muslims in Thailand who rather than using the ballot box, prefer to use the bullet and the bomb in which to press their demands for the Thai provinces situated on the border with Islamic Malaysia to be granted their own independence , rather than live under a country that isn’t Islamic.

The temple attack was one of several violent incidents in Narathiwat on Friday, including a roadside bombing that wounded five members of the security forces, and a shootout between paramilitary rangers and five armed men that left one of the gunmen dead. The terror campaign which began around 2004 has resulted in around 7000 deaths.