Friday, December 14, 2018

Israel: Namer Heavy APC, given pop up missile capability.

(Jerusalem)  Israel found out the hard way that your bog standard armoured personal carrier (APC) as in service with other nations, don't cut the mustard on the modern battlefield. Where with the proliferation of mines, anti-tank missiles have seen devastating losses of infantry men inside their so called battlefield taxis.  To try and resolve this issue the IDF , started customising the T55 tanks it had captured off the neighbours into the Achzarit heavily armoured APC.

This they achieved by removing the turret, fitting a smaller more powerful engine , a crew compartment and  passenger access ramp at the rear. This proved to be very successful and the IDF carried out similar modifications with the  Centurion tank. A few years back, the IDF  decided to move away from rebuilding old tanks into APCs and instead build one from scratch using the body of the current Israel main battle tank and in 2008 they revealed the Namer Heavy APC

The Namer at 60 tonnes carries enough armour to ensure that it can support IDF tanks with a squad of 12 men , which it did during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 when after numerous missile strikes, a 1/2 tonne mine detonation and the collapse of a house on the Namers saw not one person inside injured or the disablement of the vehicle. Since 2016 all Namers have been fitted with the Trophy APS system which further enhances its survivability on the modern battlefield. Well the IDF have enhanced its battlefield creds even further by the fitting of a turret, which includes a 30mm cannon and 2 Spike MR missiles which changes it from an APC to an Infantry fighting vehicle. Which means that the Namer will be able to go toe to toe with an entrenched enemy.

France: ISIS Gunman on the run...neutralised

(Strasbourg) 29 year old Cherif Chekatt who went on the rampage in a Christmas market in the home of the European parliament  the other day killing 3 and injuring another 11 more. Well after the shooting he went into hiding and the security forces in the city have for the past few days been carrying out a huge sweep and last night , they managed to flush him out and in the ensuring gun battle he fought the law and the law won. 

Born in Strasbourg, he was on the Fiché-S list of people considered a potential security threat and had been flagged up as having been radicalised. He was well known to police as a criminal and had been convicted 27 times, mostly for theft and violence, in France, Germany and Switzerland. 5 people are currently under arrest for helping him, including his parents and brothers.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Interlude:Sweet - Blockbuster

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

UK: Muslims demand Police chief resigns after nobody was arrested for chanting: 'Allah is a pedo'

( Worcester) Islamic protest groups are demanding that the Police chief for the city resign after the police refused to arrest anybody from an English defence league protest which was held on the 1st of September 2018, where idiots were caught on camera chanting ‘Allah is a pedo’

Seeing as 'Allah' is the Arabic name for god, I personally can't see what the claimed offence lay, seeing as freedom of speech is allowed in the UK and the courts would have had a very hard time justifying the arrests, never mind charging the idiots behind the chants.

France: Jihadist gunman kill 4 critically injures 11.

(Strasbourg) Well its the festive season and as Jihadists don't like to see people enjoying themselves (especially if they are not Muslims)  29 year old Chérif C decided to go walk about with an armed weapon at Rue des Orfevres, close to a Christmas Market in the city of Strasburg where he murdered 4 people in cold blood and injured another 11.

French media have reported that the man is a known to the French security services as a radicalized person and was on their watch list. Events kicked off this morning when police knocked on his door this morning regards a previous robbery, but he wasn’t  at home when they arrived to arrest him.  As he knew the police were after him, he’s decided to go out and spoil as many innocent peoples night by opening up with a weapon at around 8pm local time. Security forces responded very quickly and it has been reported that Chérif has been wounded, but he managed to get away. French police are currently carrying out a huge man hunt for him.