Friday, October 20, 2017

UK: Liberals up in arms over Trumps claim that Muslims are behind the rise in crime in the UK.

(London) Yesterday British crimes figures were released for 2016 and they showed a 35% rise in violent crime.  President Trump tweeted on this and just like when he did so about Sweden, the liberal world has  gone into overdrive in trying to claim he is wrong. Really:

All of the above are stories not more than a couple of days old and help explain why Muslims who represent around 3% of the British population account for around 17% of the Prison population. And just to substantiate the above here are a few more Islamic crooks and thugs from the UK these past few days to have hit the news:

So President Trump wasn't wrong by pointing the finger at Muslims living in the Uk for the increase in crime. Yet to the liberals, this is a lie. Really as the facts state otherwise.

US: Playboy goes all PC,has its first Transgender Playmate.

(US)  As a Hetrosexual male who has a number of homosexual friends I have no problem with you if you prefer your own sex. That said I am only attracted to those of the opposite sex and I'll put money on the table that the vast majority of the Natural world follows suit. So with that in mind , I simply cannot get my head around the next Issue of Playboy where they proclaim they are on the right side of History.


Afghanistan: Blast at Shia mosque kills over 30

(Kabul) Its Friday the Islamic holyday and according to the warped doctrine of Sunni Islam , if you die whilst murdering Shia Muslims you get a free pass to Heaven. Which is why today, a stupid twat entered a Shia mosque in the Afghan capital and blew himself up killing at least 30 people.

The attacker is said to have opened fire as worshippers gathered for Friday prayers, before detonating his bomb.

US: BBC news plays identity politics with the US Senate

(Washington DC)  The BBC is funded by public money and has a mandate to be impartial. Yet for at least the past 17 years it has promoted a leftwing agenda which is Anti-British, Anti-Male and Anti-White. Not a day goes by where they don't knock out a story which disparages the White British population. Not a day goes by where they don't extol the beauty of a leftwing cause. Here are a couple of recent examples:

Not content with changing the fabric of British society , The bBC popped over to the US, in which to berate the US Government for the lack of diversity amongst its senators whom they deem to be too white.

Funny enough the Asian reporter the bBC use for their cheap identity politics stunt whilst born in the UK, see's India as home. I wonder how many non-Indians can be found in their congress.

UK: Parents of ISIS terrorist held in Iraq, go on hunger strike in which to set him free.

(London)  in 2014, 21 year old Muslim convert Jack Letts upped sticks and buggered off to join ISIS in which to help them build a pure Islamic state. He claims he went there to study 'Islam' and urged his parents to join him in converting to Islam. Rather than rabbit on about Jihad jack, here is a CH4 news where they actually speak to him and he explains everything:

Not only does he exhibit a jihadist mindset, (Dirty Non-Muslims) he expresses his hatred for the UK and that he has no desire to return to these shores. Well that was until dick splash was captured trying to sneak through Kurdish lines and currently he is bending over 5 times a day in the prison showers.  He has now changed his tune and wishes to be released so he can visit his mum. Who along with her husband were charged in supporting terrorism for sending Jihad features money. She simply cannot accept the fact that her son went to Syria for the wrong reasons and insists he went to help refugees which is strange seeing at the time he went over the vast majority of refugees were Non-Sunni Muslims , which by his own words Jack deems as 'Dirty Non-Muslims'.

Well Mummy and Daddy have now decided to go on a hunger strike in which to try and force the British Government to do something in which to bring their very own ISIS jihadist to England, simply because they think its the right thing to do.

No it isn't

Australia: Woman wearing a face-covering veil says 'Islam protects women like no other religion' -

(Sydney) In an attempt to alter the mainstream media's negative portrayal of Islam; members of the Muslim community in Australia have established a not-for-profit television studio.  Called ‘ One Path Network’, (OPN) they say it  will spread the real meaning of Islam amongst all members of the community – Muslims and non-Muslims. Here is one such video:

I think Ms Umm Adam (the girl in the video) should look up how things went for Aasiya Hassan who helped set up Bridges TV with her Husband in Buffalo in 2009 to counter negative stereotypes of Muslims after the September 11 terror attacks. He was only convicted of beheading her after he was served divorce papers, his excuse:
“he was scared of her”
Funny enough for a so called attempt to promote the real meaning of Islam they appear to lie with this video they pushed out last month:
According to OPN it is. Really, as an ex Muslim myself, I kind of disagree. Which is substantiated in OPNs video about Apostate and Islamic critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali

A real religion of peace would simply turn the other cheek.

France: Lawyer of Mother of Mohammed Merah causes uproar in court when he justifies her lying to the court.

(Paris) In 2012 Mohammed Merah went on a Holy jihad rampage across the Occitanie region, in France were he murdered in cold blood 3 soldiers and 4 jews which included 3 children. Currently in Paris his brother Abdelkader Merah is in the dock where he faces life imprisonment if found guilty of helping his brother carry out the above attacks.

Well what a farce the court case has become. Currently in the dock is the Moroccan mother of the pair who has stated that she was unaware of 23-year-old Mohammed's plan to kill.

“If I had known, I would have done everything to thwart it."
In court she denied speaking to Abdelkader regards the killings, however it has now transpired that French intelligence recorded her speaking to Abdelkader in which he described Mohammed Merah’s actions as a “gift.” Then her lawyer caused an outrage in the court justified her decision to lie in some of her statements to the court by describing her as a grieving mother. “This woman is the mother of the accused, but she is also the mother of a dead man,” Which he followed up by urging prosecution lawyers to be less aggressive in their questioning.

 Zoulika Aziri the mother of the Merah brothers
In then came out in the wash that one of her sons used to be married to Anne Chenevat who has Jewish grandparents .In court Anne stated:
“It was the mother who was the first one to call me a ‘dirty Jew’ when I was 16 years old,” 
About the brother in the dock she had this to say: “Abdelkader would speak to Abdelghani about me as ‘your dirty Jew’ or ‘your dirty French girl’ to provoke him,” Of the five Merah children three turned to radical Islam — Mohammed, the youngest, along with Abdelkader and their sister Souad.

If all of the above wasn't bad enough, Two people were arrested and taken into police custody after officers overseeing security at Merah’s trial recently noticed “suspicious” activity at the courthouse where it was being held. One of the people arrested worked at the courthouse. She allegedly gave her access badge to the second suspect, who used it to break into building. The second suspect is known to police for petty criminal activities and has links to an extremist cell in Paris.

The case continues.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ireland: Muhammad ,Mohammad and friends in court over assaulting Muhammad at the local mosque.

(Longford)   Today in court Muhammad Abid Hussain, Ahsan Rasool, Ghulan Rasool, Mohammad Tariq, found themselves in front of the judge accused of assaulting Muhammad Asim. Over the removal of the local iman on the 21st of August 2015 at the local Mosque.

After 2 days of proceedings the judge said that having listened to the evidence he was satisfied the four men were guilty of assault and public order offences. And fined them all 500 Euros with the caveat that if they don’t pay up by the 21st Nov, then they would get sent to prison for 2 months.
 Two other men, Muhammad Khalid and Quasim Rasool were found guilty of public order offences and fined €80 each.

The reason I've inserted this into the blog is,  whilst I keep getting told that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Mosques are sacrosanct, the fact remains they see more fights  than most boxing venues:
Lod (Yes that Lod)

MAkes you wonder exactly what message they promote inside mosques.

Canada: Saudi Student tells court, "he received a message from the Qur’an to kill "

(Vancouver) Last October  19 year old Thamer Hameed Almestadi an International student at  the University of British Columbia became upset after attending a math class and believed that his math professor had singled him out by making comments about him. 

Thamer Hameed Almestadi
So he returned to his room and listened to an audio-recording of a passage of the Qur’an several times in an attempt to calm himself. The story he listened to involved a person having been killed and Allah telling Moses to tell people to sacrifice a cow, He listened to the story several times because he was “confused” about the message but eventually concluded he was being told to go and kill someone. In court today he told the judge:
“I was supposed to go and kill Mary,”
Picking up a steak knife , he went to look for Mary Hare, whom he had met the once. He knocked on her dorm door,  and when she opened it, he smiled, said ‘Hi’ and proceeded to attack her cutting her throat in the process. Thankfully other students heard the commotion and stopped  Almestadi from succeeding.
Mary Hare
After he’d been arrested and was being interviewed by police, he told police he wanted to see Mary.
As he wanted to make sure she was still alive. When asked how he felt about the attack, he replied bad.

The case continues.

Islamic hate group banned in Germany is now getting banned in Switzerland

(Bern) The True Religion group is an Islamic outfit run by Palestinian Salafist Ibrahim Abou-Nagie whose sole aim is to convert the West to Islam, and how they intend to do that is by handing out Korans to everybody. However, after its founder was nicked for benefit fraud, the authorities kept an eye on his dealings and soon realised that actually rather than subscribing to a religion of peace, this wanker was the polar opposite and he not only was recruiting idiots for jihad, he was also actively intimidating anybody who stood in his path. Which is why last November the Germans proscribed his NGO.

As a Gazan freeloader, Abou-Nagie wasn’t put off by being classed as persona non grata and he simply moved next door to Switzerland to continue in his Allah given task of turning everybody to the gay death cult.

Well, it appears that the Swiss soon picked up on this hate monger, which is why the cantons of Zurich and Basel decided to ban him from their doors. Today, the capital Bern followed suit. No doubt with the Swiss closing their welcome to Abou-Nagie, he’ll be looking for somewhere else to set up shop and claim benefits.

UK: Liberal watchdog wants all ISIS returnees to the UK to rejoin society without facing court

(London) Max Hill QC the independent reviewer of anti-terror legislation spoke on BBC radio this morning stating this crap:

Teenagers who “naively” travelled from Britain to join Islamic State in Syria should be given space to reintegrate into society on their return rather than be prosecuted.
And the reason he gave was :
“The authorities have looked at them and looked at them hard and have decided that they do not justify prosecution, and really we should be looking towards reintegration and moving away from any notion that we are going to lose a generation due to this travel."
Currently around half of the estimated 850 Britons believed to have gone to join ISIS inside Syria are now believed to be back in the UK and all have booked to explain themselves in court. However to Mr Hill , he feels that this is wrong. I wonder if he is willing to put up these so called vulnerable terrorists in his home alongside his family. Something tells me he won’t, but that doesn't stop him playing around with other peoples lives.

UK: Racist attack on Korean student.

(Brighton)  This Sunday past a Korean student at the University of Sussex stopped to question a group of people why they had thrown a bottle at him and his friends. The thugs replied:

‘Because you are f***ing Asian.
Then whilst he was distracted by one of them, the other oxygen thief wacked   Yehsung Kim across the face with a Champagne bottle, resulting in damage to his mouth.

Police were called to the racially motivated attack, and Mr Kim, 20, had to be taken to hospital for treatment. Descriptions of three people being sought by police have been released. A crowd funding page has been set up in which to pay for Mr Kims dental treatment.  The pathetic British police have issued the following statement:
“Enquiries are ongoing and anyone who saw what happened is asked to report it online at or call 101 quoting serial 1481 of 15/10.
I take it the above video isn't enough for Plod.

UK: Weeks after gaining asylum, Kuwaiti refugee carries out an attack on one woman, rapes another and refuses to acknowledge police woman

(Darlington) 21-year-old Kuwaiti asylum seeker Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary sneaked into the UK in 2015 and claimed asylum.

On the 17th May 2017, just 2 weeks after being granted legal status to remain in the UK, Shamary verbally abused a teenager as she was walking down the street. As he walked away, he said:
"Allah is going to get you."
This was after he had spent the day drinking two bottles of Whisky and watching porn on his mobile phone. Imbibed with Dutch courage, he lay in wait outside the Greyhound pub in the northern city of Darlington, and as his victim walked away after acknowledging his hello, he ran back and pushed her onto the ground and then showed her the true Islamic way of treating females by punching her in the face a couple of times, which he followed up by raping her. In order to keep her quiet, he told her not to say anything or he would come back and hurt her.

Two women walking past, spotted the victim and ran to assist her. Shamary, acting like a true Muslim, ran away. He was arrested nearby and continued with his misogynist attitude by refusing to talk to the officer who read him his rights, PC Jacqueline Mallows, saying it was because she was a woman and “in my country we only speak to men”. "Do you know Saddam Hussein? I am Saddam Hussein, I will not talk to you, you are a woman." He followed this up by shouting the words "Bitch country" while being taken into custody.

Well, he had his day in the court and was guilty of rape. He will be sentenced in 3 weeks time after a report into his attitude towards women was ordered. But the judge warned him to expect a substantial sentence and deportation afterwards.

I cannot help but wonder why don't we start to vet these people instead of simply handing them passports and benefits willy-nilly.

German Intelligence Fears ISIS Terror Attacks by Muslim Children

BERLIN (WSJ) — Children radicalized by Islamic State could carry out terrorist attacks in Germany, its domestic intelligence agency said Thursday, posing a challenge to security services because of the legal protection afforded to young people in the country.

The German BfV said Islamic State had indoctrinated very young German children living in the extremist group’s territory in Iraq and Syria, for instance, by forcing them to execute prisoners for internet propaganda videos.


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

India: Muslims murder teacher as revenge for the deaths of 3 terrorists

(Kashmir) Aijaz Ahmad Lone, a school teacher in the village of Gatipora, was found dead with his throat slit today, a killing that the police suspect was carried out by Pakistani based terrorists as a reprisal for the elimination of three ultras at his home in an encounter last week.

In that incident, 3 Islamic terrorists sought shelter in his home whilst being chased by the police. In the ensuring firefight, the 3 terrorists (Zahid Mir, Asif Ahmad Pal and Irfan Abdullah Ganai) were shot dead. At no time was Mr Lone home.

Well, as is the way of the Muslim, as their heros lost their lives in his home, so Mr Lone had to pay the price. Religion of peace my arse.

Canada:Quebec passes law banning women from wearing niqab whilst using public services

(Quebec) The National Assembly passed a vote this morning whereby Muslim women who wear a niqab or burka will have to uncover their faces to use public services.

The new legislation bans public workers — including doctors, teachers and daycare workers — as well as those receiving a service from the government, from wearing the niqab, burka or any other face covering. It was extended to municipal services, including public transit, in an amendment made in August. However the bill provides for the possibility of religious accommodation in certain cases.

I have to laugh at how whilst everybody loves to promote the US (Trump) , UK (Brexit) and Israel (jews)  as nasty racist countries when it comes to Muslims. all of the above have no problem with female Islamic attire , the countries in Europe that have: (Austria/ Belgium/Holland/Italy/ Spain/Switzerland)  are deemed to be human right Utopia's.

Expect quite a few protests along the lines of ‘Islamophobia and human rights in the future.

Sweden: Bomb attack on Police station.

(Helsingborg)  This morning just after midnight , the police station in the small town of Helsingborg was targeted with an explosive device which damaged the front of the building.  As it was so early nobody was injured, but the attack expresses  how bad things have got inside Sweden due primarily to Immigration.

The irony here is, when President Trump mentioned this he was mocked by the usual suspects  and yet after a week of shootings across Sweden, we now find Police stations been openly attacked.