Sunday, August 18, 2019

Afghanstan: Bomb detonated inside Shia wedding, 63 killed.

(Kabul)   So whilst the world’s liberals wax lyrical about how followers of the Islamic faith can only be victims of white nationalism. In Afghanistan Shia Muslims have been murdered on mass (Again)  by their so called Sunni brothers simply because their branch of Islam is different from theirs.
The target last night was a wedding held in the capital attended by hundreds where some idiot decided to detonate a bomb inside the women’s section resulting in (so far) 63 people being killed and another 182 injured. ISIS, that well known bunch of so called peaceful bigots have put their hand up to carrying out this murderious attack.

UK: Ali jailed for 25 years for murdering a women who refused to have sex with him.

(Leeds)  31 year old asylum seeker Karar Ali Karar from Sudan was really impressed with 21 year old nurse Jodi Miller when he bumped into her at a friends flat in February this year. So impressed, he offered to pay her for sex. Jodi who was already in a relationship refused

The next day he bumped into her again and again demanded sex with her, she refused him again and clearly offended , in order to regain his honour he went upstairs to his own flat picked up a knife and returned to teach her a lesson. A lesson which entailed a 3 minute savage attack on her where he stabbed her 12 times in the back, two times in the head and neck and once in the front of the chest. The knife cut through her breast bone, passed her vital organs and lodged in her spine. She died not soon after. Two others in the room, including a 15-year-old schoolboy, tried to stop Karar but he threatened to kill them as well.

In court it was revealed that Karar with no previous convictions, came to England from Sudan four years ago after he was detained and injured following a peaceful demonstration. he studied English at a college in Newcastle for six months before coming to Leeds, falling in with the wrong crowd and taking drugs including alcohol. He said his family have a history of mental health problems and he has had them since he was a child, which were exacerbated by the use of drugs. He wished to express his remorse to the victim's family, who were seated in the public gallery.

Thankfully the judge was having none of this ‘I am a victim, I fell in with the crowd crap and jailed this evil bastard for a minimum of 25 years.

What is it with Muslims and their penchant for violence towards women.

Israel: The hate that Arab children are brainwashed with.

(Jerusalam)  So the liberal world is awash with fake anger over how the Israeli government banned two Islamic congresswomen who decideing not to visit the country with 72 other freshmen members of congress decided to go it alone in which to ensure that they would be banned in which to make themselves out to be victims of the Jewish state. This hatred was plain to see after Rashida Tlaib on being refused, then wrote a letter asking if she could be allowed to visit her frail 90 year old grandmother. yet when her wish was accepted, she refused. says it all.

That hatred of the jewish state is drummed into palestinian children (and now western children) from an early age.  So whislt the liberal and Islamic world vents its spleen over a situation of these two bigots own making. How many here heard about a knife attack carried out on Police (Yes Police)  by two little children. the other day. No, here it is on video:

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Iraq: Closes down airspace to all flights after Iranian bomb store exploded.

(Baghdad) The one thing that you can take for granted in the Middle East is rumours run riot. In fact people have been murdered on the wisp of a rumour, be it your daughter was seen talking to a man, that UN teams are administering a Polio vaccine makes you ill or even that the Israelis are bombing from afar.

Well the last rumour has spread like wild fire after an Iranian arms depot went bang the other day. The official Iraq comment on the explosion was that it was due to a fire which started due to the poor husbandry of the arms depot which wasn't helped by the heat of the day.
However this is the Middle East, which is why former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Baha al-Araji is pushing the line of :
“We believe the weapons depot was targeted by an oppressive colonial state on the basis of a treasonous Iraqi act,”
As rumour and rife rule the roost here, the Iraqi PM Abdul-Mahdi  has now called for an end to all “unauthorized flights,” whether US drones, spy planes, jets, or helicopters, and insisted that planes that do operate in Iraqi airspace must comply with Iraqi law and under Iraqi government direction.
The thing is the F35 stealth fighter simply does not have the legs to fly to Iraq and back in full stealth. Something it would have to do in which to ensure mission success. But hey rumour and rife.

Israel: 5 terrorists killed as they tried to sneak into the country from Gaza.

(Jerusalem) In the third infiltration attempt from Gaza this week,  the IDF spotted and killed 5 armed gunmen as they tried to do what US congress Muslims  Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar couldn’t and that is enter Israel.
Unfortunately for these 5 terrorists they were spotted and in a very short battle consisting of a helicopter gunship and a tank on one side and 5 lightly armed idiots on the other. The 5 men gave their lives for nothing other than to allow Hamas to send the message to their Iranian backers that they are willing to die (as Sunni Muslims) for Shia money.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Interlude: Boney M. - Daddy Cool