Tuesday, June 19, 2018

London: Explosion at Tube station 7 injured.

(London)  There has been an explosion at a tube station at Southgate tube station in Enfield this evening resulting in injuries. Police have cordoned off the area and are currently searching the scene.

Monday, June 18, 2018

France: People stabbed in Supermarket by woman screaming:' Alis Snackbar'

(La Seyne-sur-Mer)  At around 10.30 yesterday morning a 24 year old woman dressed entirely in black and wearing a veil pulled out a craft knife/boxcutter/Stanley knife and attacked 2 people whilst screaming ‘Allah ackba’ A male customer and a female cashier were injured during the attack.

The female attacker was arrested at the scene and police are currently searching her home. Police have stated that:
"It is apparently an isolated person with proven psychiatric disorders,..However, that does not exclude radicalization"

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Nigeria: Suicide bombers strike Islamic revellers kill 31

(Damboa) 31 people were killed, and another  84 were injured when 2  female suicide bombers detonated Improvised Explosive Devices(IEDs), in the town of  Damboa on Saturday night.

The females struck as worshippers who had gathered to celebrate Eid al-Fitr returned home, as this is an Islamic area, the locals instead of blaming the Islamic terrorist group boko Haram, instead tried to attribute the blame onto the Nigerian army. Mohammed Hassan, a local from the area said:
“At about 8:30 pm of on Saturday night, an attack suspected to be from an artillery killed 31 innocent people in Damboa “
What is it about Islamic terrorists and their ability to suck all the air out of any room they enter.

Sunday morning Chill

You know what, there's far too much bad news around the world, here's the best way in which to take it all: