Wednesday, July 26, 2017

South Africa: Muslims protest in their thousands, demand Israel ambassador expelled and all Israel ties cut

(Cape Town) South African Muslims took to the streets today in which to protest against the Israeli bogey man. The protesters embarked on a march from the Zinatul Islam mosque in District Six to the Parliament.

The Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa handed over a list demanding that the government cut all diplomatic ties with Israel and expel the Israeli ambassador from the country.

Anybody else is impressed about the priorities of the Islamic world, where hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been (and are being) oppressed and murdered by their fellow Muslims and the biggest problem in the Islamic agenda is the installation of metal detectors (after a terrorist attack which saw two policemen murdered) at a mosque where Mohammed claimed in a dream that he ascended into Heaven (for a chat) on a winged horse? (Mohammed never visited Jerusalem.) Now that worldwide Islamic anger has forced the removal of those metal detectors, they are demanding that security cameras are removed.

Egypt: Army uses tank to flatten suicide bomber and saves over 50 lives

(Arish) A quick thinking tank crew saved many lives in the restive Northern Sinai desert when an idiot driving a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) decided to pay them a visit. For some strange reason, the device didn't explode straight away (timer?), and so the quick thinking tank crew simply crushed the car, allowing the vast majority of people to get out of range. However, the people in the car remained where they were and no doubt paid the price, as did the person who decided to walk in from the right in which to watch. I also can't understand why the tank crew decided to drive past the crushed vehicle in which to make good their escape. But no doubt they saved many lives.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Austria: Hamas terrorist jailed for life over terror plot

(Wien) A Palestinian asylum seeker belonging to terrorist group Hamas has been given a life sentence in Austria for plotting a terror attack against Jews in Israel.

The 27-year-old was arrested at an asylum-seeker centre in Lower Austria last July after mobile phone messages exchanged between him and two other people back in Jerusalem revealed that he had told the other two men to throw “apples” − a code word for hand grenades − into crowds in Jerusalem. Both accomplices in Israel were detained by Israeli authorities in June 2016, leading to the arrest of the so called asylum seeker the following month in the Austrian town of Gmuend.

Well, he was found guilty on Monday of belonging to a terror organisation and attempting to incite murder. Prosecutors accused him of contacting two men in the Palestinian territories via social media apps and ordering them to carry out killings of Jews in Jerusalem. It was also revealed that Mr (please give me asylum as I can only be a victim) Terrorist served nine years in an Israeli prison after being arrested in Gaza at 14 for attacking soldiers.

Arabian Gulf: US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship

(Arabian Gulf) Yet again the Mad Mullahs have tried to play my cock is bigger than your cock with the US Navy which, when faced with an Iranian gunboat ignoring all forms of communication as it sailed within 150 feet of the front of the USS Thunderbolt, suddenly stopped dead in the water when said ship opened up with a machine gun and fired just in front of the Iranian ship.

The US Navy ship involved, as stated, was the USS Thunderbolt. A Cyclone class patrol ship commissioned into the United States Navy 7 October 1995. Coming in at 331 tonnes, these small patrol boats' primary mission is coastal patrol and interdiction surveillance, a task it is perfectly suited to do in the pinch points of the Arabian Gulf. For their small size these ships are well suited in defending larger ships from the swarm boat tactics which Iran would use in any future conflict. To that end they are armed with the following:

2 × MK 38 25 mm autocannon
5 × .50 caliber machine guns
2 × MK 19 40 mm automatic grenade launchers
2 × M240B machine guns
6 × FIM-92 Stinger SAMs
2 × MK-60 quadruple BGM-176B Griffin B missile launchers

Naturally, the Iranian intent is to wave their little cocks around in the air in which to either intimidate the US or even worse - give them a reason to close down the Gulf to tanker traffic. Problem is, the last time they did that, Regan was in office and he hit the mad mullahs hard.

Spain: Knife-wielding Muslim migrant tries to force his way into Spanish enclave

(Melilla) Whilst the Spanish keep on banging on about Gibraltar and how they want it back, they keep forgetting they signed it over in 1713 with the Treaty of Utrecht, a treaty signed in their favour which ended the War of the Spanish Succession and 13 years of war against Spain by the rest of Europe. Anyway, whilst Spain has no problem opining over Gibraltar, it remains very quiet on its 6 similar enclaves in North Africa, all of which are larger than Gibraltar. However, whenever these are brought up, the Spanish simply state that they belong to Spain and are not up for discussion. (Oh look, there’s that ‘H’ word.) As these enclaves are deemed part of Spain, economic migrants target them on the understanding that once they make it across the border, they are granted asylum and thus whisked across the water to Spain proper in which to start a new life courtesy of the EU.

Usually, these people try on mass in which to cross the border fence. But today, a different method was attempted by one person. He (Moroccan) simply walked through the customs entry point waving a knife and shouting 'Allahu Ackba!' until he was apprehended and no doubt given sanctuary in Europe. (It's now come out in the wash that he tried to sneak into the enclave a few days ago.) Police have dismissed any terrorist motive and are claiming he has mental health issues. (No doubt to be treated at the expense of the Spanish tax payer on the Spanish mainland.) What I can't understand is why nobody simply shot him. Instead, they messed around, resulting in a policeman getting injured.

'I ran out of tears’: Yazidi schoolgirl reveals how she was raped every day for 6 months by an ‘ugly beast’ of an ISIS jihadi when she was just 14

(Daily Mail) A Yazidi schoolgirl has revealed her horrifying story of how she was kidnapped and used as a sex slave by ISIS fighters when she was just 14.

Ekhlas was captured along with thousands of Yazidi women when ISIS jihadis swept through northern Iraq in 2014.

She tried to escape to Mount Sinjar, where 50,000 members of the long-persecuted sect had fled.

But, talking to Victoria Derbyshire, she revealed how she was raped every day for six months by jihadis.

Now 16, Ekhlas said: 'My life was beautiful but two hours changed my life. They came with their black flag. They killed our men and raped our girls.

'They killed my father in front of my own eyes. I saw blood on their hands. All I heard was screaming and crying, everyone was starving, they weren't feeding anyone.

'I saw a man who was over 40 take a 10-year-old girl. The girl was screaming. I'll never forget those screams.'

Ekhlas was chosen as a sex slave out 150 girls by a jihadi when he drew lots and kept for six months.

She said: 'He was so ugly, like a beast, with his long hair. He smelt so bad. I was so frightened I couldn't look at him.

'Every day for six months he raped me. I tried to kill myself. How am I telling you this without crying? I tell you I ran out of tears.'

But Ekhlas managed to remain strong because she said, 'my smile was my weapon'.

She managed to miraculously escape her abuser when he was out fighting and found her way to a refugee camp.

There she met Jacqueline Isaac, an American lawyer, and was resettled in Germany three months later.

Jacqueline said: 'When I first met her, her head was down, all of their heads were down. There was no eye contact in the beginning.'

Ehklas is now receiving therapy at a psychiatric hospital for her trauma, but she says she wants to be a lawyer in the future.

She added: 'You probably think I am as strong as a rock but I want you to know I am wounded inside. I have my pain and it's like 100 deaths.'

Nearly 10,000 Yazidis were killed or captured when ISIS took over Mount Sinjar in the summer of 2014.

An estimated thirty per cent of that number were executed by gunshot, beheading or being burned alive.


Palestinian killer carried a Koran and “purified” himself with water before murdering 3 Jews in cold blood

(JPost) It took only 15 minutes from the moment Omar Al-Abed jumped the fence of the West Bank settlement of Halamish on Friday to the moment he was neutralized by an off-duty soldier, IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis said on Saturday.

“It was a horrific, murderous, attack. The house was full of blood,” said Manelis, who added that the photographs showing the aftermath of the deadly terror attack in Halamish don’t show the entire picture.

Manelis, who visited Saturday the house that became a horrific scene of bloodshed along with IDf Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, said that terrorist Ombar al-Abed (19) admitted to carrying out the attack because of the recent tensions surrounding the Temple Mount.

“He decided in the last two days that he wanted to carry out an attack,” Manelis said, adding that while it seems that he carried it out alone, security forces are still looking to see if he has any accomplices. The terrorist’s brother was arrested on Saturday in order to understand whether there is anyone else who knew of al-Abed’s intentions.

According to Manelis, al-Abed published a Facebook post where stated that he was expecting to die just before he left his West Bank village to carry out the attack in Halamish. Carrying a backpack with a Quran, wallet and bottle of water, al-Abed jumped the fence and arrived at the family’s home which was close to the entrance of the settlement.

When he arrived he is believed to have purified himself with the bottle of water before stabbing to death a grandfather and his two adult children.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Belgium: Army uses drive through for a quick burger

(Brussels)  Like many other solders, I have lived in the field, and if you get the chance for something quick to eat, you jump at the chance. (You also have the opportunity to use a real toilet, and when I was in the Gulf, I even managed to grab a shower in a hotel.) So when I came across this video of a Belguim AFV crew grabbing a burger, I knew exactly where they are coming from.

Just for the info, how many of you recognise the vehicle in question? (Before you bugger off to Wikipedia, note it has tracks) And in order to help you, here a happy snap in which to show how small it really is:

Russia: Syrian conflict bodes well for Russian T-90 sales

(Moscow) It appears that Russia has done really well out of the Syrian campaign, with Russian tank manufacturer UralVagonZavod gaining orders for the T-90 Main Battle Bank from a number of countries: Iraq and Vietnam have secured orders for the T-90 tank and an order with Kuwait is waiting to be finalised. India, which has a fleet of over 1000 T-90 tanks, has ordered another (built in India) 464 T-90M Bhishma main battle tanks, and Iran (yes, Iran) has just placed an order for a "large batch" of T-90M tanks. (So much for their state of the art military industry.) On top of that, Russia is going to build a facility in which to assemble T-90S/SK tanks under license in Egypt. So, from an arms sales point of view, UralVagonZavod has done really well out off the Syrian conflict.

The T-90 is simply the latest iteration of the T-72, in that it has the body of the T-72 and the turret of the T-80. It entered service with the Russian Army in 1992 and there it remained until February 2001 when the Indian Army signed a contract for 310 T-90S tanks: 124 were completed in Russia and the rest are being delivered in "knocked down" form for final assembly in India. That purchase kept alive the T-90 production line, which was followed by sales to Cyprus, Algeria, Uganda, Turkmenistan, Algeria and Azerbaijan. Of late, Syria has been seen fielding the T-90. The T-90S is armed with an 125mm smoothbore gun. However, it is its protection suite which has attracted the most attention. The tank is protected by both conventional armour-plating and explosive reactive armour. It is also fitted with the Shtora-1 defensive aids suite. This system includes infrared jammer, laser warning system with four laser warning receivers, grenade discharging system which produces an aerosol screen, and a computerised control system. Combined they have allowed the T-90 to gain a reputation of being able to survive the anti-tank missiles widely in use inside Syria.

As mentioned, the T-90 is simply the latest iteration of the T-72. It was renamed primarily as a sales pitch, which is why the Russians only has around 350 T-90 tanks in service. On the other hand, it has nearly 2000 T-72 tanks in active service.

Here are a couple of photos, see if you can spot the difference (if you have the time, I can recommend the website of Vitaly Kuzmin who took those photos):



Here's a picture of the T-72B3 which is the standard the Russian Army will be upgrading its T-72s to:

Afghanistan: Taliban car bomb attack in Kabul kills 24

(Kabul) It never fails to amaze me just how much moral support the Western media gives to Islamic terrorists, be it Hamas, Hezballah or even the Al Shabab. They have no problem getting them on the phone after each and every terrorist attack in which to ask their opinion. So it is with the Taliban, you know, that polarised bunch of intolerant racist bigots who are allowed to say they don't target civilians, yet are behind the vast majority of deaths in Afghanistan. At a stroke, the Western media legitimises these evil people, whilst demanding explanations of the authorities over harming the hair of any terrorist suspect.

So it was today when the so called child friendly Taliban detonated a car bomb in the centre of Kabul, killing 24 and injuring another 40. They said they were targeting intelligence service officials. In reality, they hit a bus full of mine workers. Yet to the likes of the bBC, peace will only come to Afghanistan when foreign troops leave the country to the mercy of the Taliban. Funny enough, they say the same thing about Israel, Kashmir, Southern Thailand, The Philippines, and Yemen. Strange how the Islamic world (and their Western sycophants) subscribes to this notion that peace can only come about via appeasement.

Pakistan: Car bomb kills 26 in Lahore

(Lahore) Whilst the Islamic world continues to go into a meltdown over the installation of metal detectors at a mosque in Jerusalem, the death toll in the aftermath of terror attacks carried out by Muslims in Muslims continues to rise.

Today in Pakistan, 26 people, including nine policemen, were killed while 58 others were injured in a bombing attack in the city of Lahour.

The attack which was targeted at policemen was carried out just before 4pm local time and so would have struck at rush hour. The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility, stating that a "suicide attacker" had used a motorcycle bomb to target police officials.

Punjab government spokesman Malik Mohammad Ahmed said the attack had occurred at an old vegetable market in the Kot Lakhpat neighbourhood in Lahore.

And to think that the use of metal detectors reduces the chance of attacks such as this taking place.

Egypt: Police shoot out kills 8 terrorists

(Cairo) Egyptian police killed eight people in a shootout west of Cairo on Sunday during a raid on their training camp in Fayoum province.

A statement by the interior ministry said the eight were members of Hasm group, which the authorities says has links to the Muslim Brotherhood and who it blames for a string of attacks in recent months.

UK: 19-year-old Muslim girl was kidnapped by Taser-wielding men then raped and murdered for dating an Arab

(London) The other day, I mentioned how police had found a dead girl stuffed inside a freezer after they had been sent to search a house after another girl had been taken to hospital with her throat cut. Well, today 2 men have been charged with her murder.

It appears that 19-year-old Celine Dookhran, an Indian Muslim, had started dating an Arab. This didn’t go down well with her family. Which is why last Wednesday, two men in balaclavas kidnapped Celine and her 21-year-old cousin. After being tasered, they had their face and mouths covered in duct tape, their hands tied with cable ties and their feet tied with a rope. They were then taken to a house that was being renovated where they were both raped and had their throats slit. Thankfully, the older girl managed to escape and knock on a door for help. Police found the body of her cousin stuffed inside a freezer. Police quickly made arrests and today, 33-year-old Mujahid Arshid appeared in court charged with the murder, rape and kidnapping of Miss Dookhran. His co-defendant, Vincent Tappu, 28, has been charged with the kidnapping of both women.

Ah, the pleasures of peaceful Islam.