Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Syria: Pro-Assad forces arrive in Afrin

(Afrin)  Syrian government forces have entered the Kurdish enclave of Afrin, which in turn provoked  an immediate response from Turkish forces besieging the area with an artillery strike.  The convoy of pro-Syrian government fighters in pickup trucks mounted with heavy weapons entered Afrin, where Turkey has been conducting a month-long military operation. Whilst the Kurds have done extremely well in keeping the Turkish advance to under 10km.

Key: Blue= Turkish advance. Dark Green =Turkish proxies. Red= Syrian. Light Green=Kurds. Pink= contested.
After a month of fighting and thus militarily aren’t in acute need of more soldiers, the moral support from Assad and the extra weaponry (As in anti-Aircraft missiles) send a huge  message to Anakara that they may have bitten off more than they can chew here. And let’s be serious, as soon as the Turkish body count starts to climb, Turkish Publish support will waiver.

Gaza: New female centric TV station launched.

(Gaza City) A female-led television station has officially launched in Gaza.  Concentrating on the huge untapped female market Taif TV is designed to allow women in the enclave a medium designed around them and not politics.  However as this is Gaza, such a vehicle for women attracted hostility even before it was launched with Hamas, holding up the launch day due to the station not having the correct paperwork in place (Read that as bribe)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Turkey: Tells Syria not to intervene in its battle against the Kurds, inside Syria.

(Ankara)  After it emerged on Monday that pro-Assad militiamen would enter Afrin to assist local Kurdish militias fighting against an incursion by the Turkish military and Syrian rebels affiliated with Ankara. Turkey has warned the Syrian government that it risks a military confrontation with Ankara . Deputy Prime Minister  Bekir Bozdağ said Turkey is following the situation closely and there has been no official confirmation from Damascus over reports on the regime's involvement in Afrin.

"If Assad regime forces enter Afrin it would give a green light to dividing Syria, such a move would cause disaster in the region and would have serious consequences."
The Turkish foreign minister also warned the regime on Monday against entering the Syrian town shortly after Syrian state media  reported that popular forces are to arrive in Afrin area soon to support locals in facing the aggression launched by the Turkish regime on the area since January 20th.

It appears that the Turkish pocket dictator has really set the cat amongst the pigeons. The problem is on the side of the Kurds can be found the Syrians, Russians , the Americans and the Iranians maybe that explains why Erdoğan has been on the phone to both Moscow and Tehran in which to try and save face, as he knows if he drags Turkey into a war with all of the above, his tenure as President for life will end very soon as one thing the Syrians can bring to the table is ground to air missiles and their inclusion will take away the only advantage the Turks have over the Kurds.

Boy and I thought Game of Thrones was complicated.

Gaza: Qatari ambassador physically attacked by Hospital staff for handing over $9 million to help keep the lights on.

(Gaza) 10 days ago Qatar pledged $9 million in which to keep emergency hospital generators inside Gaza running. This was after the United Nations appealed for funds on Tuesday, saying fuel for generators that keep Gaza’s hospitals and sanitation services operating would run out within 10 days as Hamas and the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority (PA) feud over the machinations of finalizing the details of political power-sharing.

You’d think the locals would be happy with that wouldn't you. More aid money coming their way. Apparently not as the Qatari ambassador in Palestine was kicked out from a hospital by the staff and public. 

A video showed angry staff at the Shifa hospital in Gaza showing Qatari envoy, Mohammed al-Emadi, being forced out, throwing shoes at him and tearing up the flag of Qatar while chanting slogans against Qatar. Ambassador Al-Emadi planned to hold a press conference at the hospital before being attacked and thrown out by staff. The assailants justified their act by saying that Qatari aid was not genuine and aimed at strengthening the Palestinian divide demanded instead that the nine million dollars that Qatar announced it was donating to Gaza health infrastructure should be given directly to its citizens. It appears that in Gaza beggars can be choosers.

Israel,: Egypt sign $15bn natural gas purchase agreement

(Jerusalem)  Israeli company, Delek Drilling, has signed  a 10-year deal, worth $15bn (£10.7bn), to provide natural gas to Egypt. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed the deal.

“I welcome this historical agreement,” he was quoted as saying in a statement released by his office. It will bring billions of dollars into state coffers, which can later be spent on education, health services and welfare for the benefit of Israel’s citizens,"
The irony here is only a few years ago the Muslim Brotherhood cancelled a gas deal which saw Egypt supplying Israel with gas, apparently the locals weren't happy selling gas to the jews. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Iraq: German ISIS bride gets 6 years in Jail

(Baghdad) Linda Wenzel the 17 year old Geman who buggered off to Iraq in which to live a pure Islamic life under ISIS has just received a 6 year prison sentence .

Linda, from Pulsnitz in Saxony, told her German interviewers she had been unhappy at school, despite being the third best in her class, and had sought another life. She had formed a friendship with a Muslim man on Facebook for whom she had converted to Islam. One day in 2016 she left a note on the kitchen table saying: “I’ll be back on Sunday about 4pm.” She travelled via Turkey to Syria and then Iraq, and married an "Islamic State" (IS) terrorist and there she lived a lovely life of beheadings and jihad, until the world said enough and kicked ISIS into the gutter, resulting in Linda doing a runner with the rest of the ISIS camp followers in trying to run back home to the west , however for Linda she was arrested  last year by Special Forces in Mosul.

Whilst locked up awaiting her trail Linda had no problem playing the victim card for the media 
  • In Germany, everyone knows me, everyone knows how I look. I cannot go anywhere without being recognized, and I probably won't find a job anymore."
  • "I don't know how I came up with such a dumb idea. I've completely ruined my life."
  • "I was only in houses, so I've never really had anything to do with guns, nothing at all."

It appears she had no problem hating the west this was exemplified by the messages she sent to her family. When her ISIS husband was killed,, she wrote to her mother: “He is dead because of you, because your taxes paid for the bombs here.” She also paid tribute to Anis Amri, the Tunisian asylum seeker who drove a lorry into a Christmas market in Berlin killing 12. Not only that but she has admitted to killing Iraqi soldiers

Thankfully this silly little bitch wasn't in court in the West, but in an Islamic one (Iraq) which is why today she received 5 years for belonging to ISIS and another year for entering the country illegally. 
Expect a campaign by the dogooders in which to bring this Islamic Nazis home. The thing is ISIS features was lucky in getting 6 years at the same hearing a Turkish woman was sentence to death with another 11 getting life.

Dagestan: Five women shot dead at Russian church by Allah ackbar shouting guman.

(Kizlyar) On the border with Chechnya a  gunman has opened fire on a church congregation after they left a Sunday service killing 5 women and injuring another 3 . The 22 year old gunman was shot dead.

It appears that the gunman accompanied by his wife tried to force their way into the church, however they were thwarted, when faced with armed police, he was cornered , whilst his wife ran, she has since been picked up
Pictures of the gunman show he sported  a beard which is very fashionable amongst the followers of a very peaceful religion which may explain how according to an Orthodox priest the gunman shouted 'Allahu Akbar' during the shooting.

Alexander Shuvalov  the Mayor of Kizlyar said that after the shooting security measures have been strengthened in Orthodox churches. Christians make up 2% of the population of Dagestan with Muslims making up 83%

Sweden: Teacher refuses to shake hands of males, resigns and now sues school for discrimination.

(Helsingborg) When 20 year  Fardous El-Sakka  left university in 2016 she found work as a teacher  at the Helsingborg Knowledge School . 

On her arrival at the school a number of the male teachers gave their hand as they introduced themselves , she however refused, explaining that as a devout Muslims she was forbidden from touching  people of the opposite sex. One of the teachers complained and on her first day MIzz Sakka was up in front of the Headmaster who explained to Fardous that she had to stand behind the elementary school's value base if she wanted to work as a substitute at the School. That all people have equal value regardless of social background and regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, sexual orientation and disability. Sakkas reply was to stand up and say:
" I will go now”

However that wasn't the end of the story and she backed by her union she has sued the School for discrimination wanting SEK 120,000 (£10733/$15057) in compensation. Well her day in court has arrived and she and her lawyers are using Article 9 of the European Convention which states that everybody has the right to exercise his faith "through worship, teaching, deeds and observance of religious practices" in which to allow her to play the victim card. However,this case has huge ramifications if she wins simply as it will allow sharia law to take precedence against Swedish law.