Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bangladesh: Riots after fake facebook posts sees 4 killed and 50 injured

(Borhanuddin)  At least four people have been killed and scores injured yesterday in Bangladesh as police were forced to open fire in which to disperse a mob, which had gathered to demand punishment for a Hindu man who they claim was behind a number of blasphemous posts against Islam on Facebook.

In an attempt to defuse the situation village elders were holding a meeting with local authorities on Sunday. But the crowd decided to vent their anger by attacking the polcie, prompting them to retaliate.

The Hindu man (Now in police's protective custody) has denied making the comment, saying his Facebook account had been hacked. following a complaint by him, police have detained three people for allegedly

Saturday, October 19, 2019

US: Mini AOC talks more sense than the original bobble head

Mini AOC is a spoof on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and boy does she take the piss out of the congresswomen. In fact so much so the little girl has become the target for supporters of AOC who decided she was fair game to receive death threats . Watch the clip below and see why AOCs supporters hate this child so much.
PS the punch line at the end is a killer

Friday, October 18, 2019

Afghanistan: Friday death kill sees 69 people murdered after bomb detonated inside mosque

(Haska Mina) it never fails to amaze me how Friday the Islamic holy day is used by idiots in which to express their devotion to the faith by carrying out acts of murder. (I do believe that there is a frame of mind that states that carrying out such acts or even getting killed carrying out such acts guarantees you a spot in Heaven.)

Anyway this morning to the east of the capital ‘Kabul’ heading towards the Pakistani border some idiot decided to set off a bomb inside a mosque during Friday prayers. So far around  28 people have been reported killed with as many injured. If that wasn’t bad enough the blast also brought down the roof. 

What kind of subscription must you have to a faith which whilst promoting itself as a religion of peace, oks the setting off of a bomb inside a mosque during prayers on your holiest day of the week. As is always the case, nobody has put their hand up to carrying out this vile act.

Interlude: Tami Lynn - Im Gonna Run Away From You