Friday, January 19, 2018

Interlude: Haircut 100 - Fantastic Day

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Turkey: Helicopter pliot luckeist man alive.

The other day a story broke about how a Turkish pilot evaded a missile attack by the use of skill. It appears the PKK (Kurds) hit a Turkish observation post with a missile and waited for the the Medi-vac helicopter to pop along so as to knock it out of the sky.  However, initial videos led to many proclaiming the  pilot saw what was happening and took action. it appears that at the end of the day like so many things in war, it was down to pure luck.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

UN: Upset at how the US has cut funding to the war warmongering Palestinians.

(New York) President Trump stated the other week that he has had enough of funding the belligerent nature of the Palestinian groups inside Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Instead of working towards peace all these so called victims have done for over 70 years is wage war, whilst screaming genocide they have seen their population explode, where families at over 20 people in size are all the rage for people living on benefits, where thugs jailed for terrorists are guaranteed a salary better than most most middle income families in the region this is a state where abdullah Barghouti, a Hamas bomb-maker who was sentenced in 2004 to 67 life terms for orchestrating the killings of 67 Israelis, receives a monthly stipend of NIS 4,000. In less than a year that figure will rise to NIS 6,000 ($1,500), the average wage in the region is $298

Well President Trump said enough is enough and he could see why they should throw money people in the hope of peace when all they do with it is is preach hatred and war. So he quite rightly stated he will withhold handing over money to these so called victims of the jew until they sort their act out. However as they are Muslims, that hasn't gone down well with them. You see the US provides 1/3rd of all the aid the UN hands over to the Palestinians in the region.Yes folks the people the Pals hate the most after the Jews, provide the most of their wealth, and that gap isn't been made up by any of the Islamic or leftwing countries who love to bemoan the US. Yet instead of sorting their act out and working towards peace as so many Muslims claim their holy book tells them to do, they instead bitch about how nasty the US is. Following in their footsteps is the UN which is claiming it is alarmed at the US decision to withhold more than half of a tranche of funding for the agency supporting Palestinian refugees.

But then I am talking about the UN which openly hates Israel and the US, which has no problem teaching Palestinian children that jews are the enemy, that hiding weapons inside UN schools is OK.

Kind of explains why the Islamic world is demanding that the next secretary general at the UN is a Muslims so as to be able to combat the 'Islamophobia' Muslims face across the world.

Sweden: Hand grenade attack on Police Station.

(Malmo)  At around 9pm local time the  police station in the Malmestad district of Rosengård was targeted by a couple of youths with an hand grenade.

The attack comes just over a fortnight after a police car was blown up a few hundreds years away from this current attack  and 2 months after another Police station was targeted in a attack via the use of an  explosion.

2 men have been arrested for this latest attack on Swedish police. Funny how those who lambasted President Trump for pointing  out about how there is something rotten in the state of Sweden remain silent on yet another attack on the Swedish police. An attack, which is becoming a common occurrence.

UK: Akshar Ali jailed for 22 years for murdering his wife for wearing western clothes.

(Leeds) 27 year old Akshar Ali wasn’t happy with how his wife , 26 year old Sinead Wooding, mother to his 4 children had decided to leave him and the Islamic gay death cult behind resulting in her casting aside the dark overbearing tent which Islamic males claim expresses a females devotion to Islam and to wear the clothes that women take for granted in Western countries.

Sinead Wooding 
When Sinead met Ali, she adopted the Islamic faith and gave up on the Western way of life for him, but after 4 children, she must have decided that enough was enough and left the embrace of Islam behind in which to regain her personality and get her life back. Naturally as a Muslim Akshar wasn't happy and as per the codex of Islam, he ensured that his wife paid the price for leaving him and behind

So he invited her round to the family home and got her blind streaming drunk and then when she was unable to defend herself, her stabbed 6 times In the neck, killing her ,then he bashed her around the head with a club hammer in which to make sure. He moved her body to his friends 27 year old Yasmin Ahmed home for a couple of days where when they decided the coast was clear they wrapped her body up in a duvet, doused it in petrol and set fire to it in the middle of some woods .

Unfortunately  for these so called pious Muslims, who are supposed to subscribe to a life of peace and harmony for all, Sineads body was found and today these two wankers were found guilty of murder and sentenced to a minimum period of 22 years behind bars.

And people keep on trying to tell me Islam is a religion of peace. The worse part of this story is that the victim had made a 999 call to the police on the 10th of May regards her husband, 2 days later she was dead. As per usual the pathetic British police have referred themselves  to the independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) where I can tell you the result will be 'Lessons will be learnt'

Italy: Trainee lawyer thrown out of court for wearing hijab.

(Bologna)  When trainee lawyer Asmae Belfakir turned up for court with her head covered, the Judge Giancarlo Mozzarelli asked her to either to remove her hijab or leave the courtroom. Belkafir, chose to leave.  A note pinned up outside the room said "anyone who takes part in or attends the hearing cannot carry weapons or sticks and must have an uncovered head and keep silent." Naturally the usual suspects have got their knickers in a twist over this, despite the law being very clear on the matter which states at Article 129 of the code of civil procedure which lays down that those who take part in hearings must have their heads uncovered".

The leftwing Free and Equal (LeU) party urged the judiciary's self-governing body, the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM), to overrule the judge, saying "freedom to express one's religion should be upheld" and the  Bologna Islamic community saying "it is urgent that the competent authorities clear up this case".Community coordinator Yassine Lafram said "there are no laws banning the veil in a courtroom" and said the judge had voiced an "arbitrary position".

Clearly they aren’t familiar with Article 129.

German: Syrian teen (14) Kicked out of German town by mayor. told not to return.

(Cottbus) A German town council have informed a 15 year old Syrian refugee and his father to pack their bags and go find somewhere else to live after the young thug carried out his final strike regards unsociable behaviour.

Last Friday, the Syrian youth along with two of his other mates (14 and 17) went to the local Blechen-Carré shopping centre, in front of them was an elderly couple, who they demanded they be let in first by moving aside and that the woman should show respect to them. When the couple refused to be intimidated, the 14 old pulled out a knife and attacked the 51 year old male. Thankfully a passerby soon put a stop to the assault and the youths were nicked by the police. A quick check by the council found the 15 year old was already on their books for anti-social behaviour so the mayor today informed the youth and his father that they are no longer welcome. The other two have now been added to their anti-social list.

Personally I would deport them both back to Syria (No appeals) in which to send the message to the rest in the country to behave or else.

Syria: Israel strikes Hezb-allah arms dump

(Damascus) In light of the situation inside Syria where the regimes forces are on the upper foot, therefore allowing the likes of Iran and Hezb-allah to divert attention, forces and equipment away from inside the country in which to target Israel .The IDF is reported to have carried out yet another airstrike on Mezzeh Military Airport southwest of Damascus purportedly striking a hezb-allah arms cache .

Germany: Iranian spies' targeted in German police raids

(Berlin) German authorities on Tuesday conducted searches of homes and businesses belonging to 10 suspected Iranian spies. The Federal Prosecutors Office ordered the searches after receiving a tip from Germany's domestic intelligence agency. The suspects are believed to are suspected of spying on Israeli and/or Jewish targets on behalf of the al-Quds Brigade, the external operations arm of the powerful Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC).

No arrests were made during the raids, which were carried out in Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Berlin. Funny enough earlier this month, Germany summoned Iran's ambassador in Berlin after a 31-year-old Pakistani student was convicted of spying for Iran on Social Democratic Party (SPD) politician Reinhold Robbe who was the former head of the German-Israel Friendship Society.

In 2012 an Iranian hit team was despatched to the east of Asia , in which to attack Jews resulting in 4 arrests after the families of Israeli diplomats were targeted.

Canada: Muslims fear backlash over fake 'Islamophobia' attack.

(Toronto) Last week Canada woke to the news that a 10 year old Muslim girl had been attacked by an adult male for wearing the hijab. The entire left field and their (Unclean) dog  expressed their views about how bad Muslims have it, living in the so called racist west after 11 year old  KhawlahNoman went on national TV to say:
Sadly, someone insulted me by cutting my hijab two times, I felt really scared and confused because I didn't feel comfortable that people are doing this. 'What you're doing is really wrong, you should not act like this, and especially, I'm a kid.
Well the Canadian Police looked into this and quickly came to the conclusion that Miss Norman was lying, that there was no attack and that she had made the entire story up and how do does the Muslim world react after yet another fake so called ‘Islamophobia’ attack designed simply to promote their religious agenda. 

Why they fear a backlash, that actually we must ask why this little girl felt the need to lie and that Muslims really are victims in the inhospitable west to which they flock to from their so called pure Islamic homelands, where minority groups walk a daily tightrope due to the diktats of Shariah law. An oppressive way of life  which these so called Islamic victims living in the West demand are enforced on us all.

I've no problem with children lying, as that is part of the process of them learning to grow up. But what I cannot abide is how all those who cashed in on this story , quickly ensured it was promoted throughout the world as a story that needed hearing, now they have been caught out, they now peddle the line that we should address the reasons behind an 11 year old child telling lies.