Wednesday, December 13, 2017

UK: Brother of ISIS suicide bomber convicted for terror offences

(Sheffield) 24 year old dental student Mohammed Abbas Idris Awan, has been convicted  on a charge of engaging in conduct in preparation of a terrorist act on or before June 6, 2017 and two charges of possessing a document or record of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

Awan, was arrested days after buying 500 ball bearings, and possessed extremist material advising how they could be used in home-made bombs. After police searched his house, they found 11 mobile phones, 16 USB sticks and seven computers which contained a vast amount of terrorism material.

The jury at Sheffield Crown Court took just four hours to find Awan guilty of all three charges after a trial which lasted over three weeks. After the verdict Awan’s mother Noor Jehan Baig, berated the  trial prosecutor  shouting: “You have put someone inside who is completely innocent. God will punish you.” And she then told the local paper:
“We will fight back. This is very unfair. It was his big brother that he had paid for. They should get the truth out.”. 
She was of course referring to his big brother Rizwan who  travelled from Manchester to Istanbul in May, 2015 and joined ISIS, he then carried out a suicide attack which killed 30 people in Iraq.

Funny enough, this view that Awan is an innocent man is mirrored amongst his Islamic neighbours: With Mohammed Yaqub stating to the press:
 “I am shocked, very, very shocked. I have known him all my life.That’s very, very bad. He was a very nice, educated young man. I have known him since he was a kid. The jury have not wasted any time have they?”
Mohammed Awan will be sentenced on Wednesday morning.

Israel: Iron Dome intercepts missiles on 6th day of attacks from Gaza

(Jerusalem)  For all the Victim hood angst on display across the Islamic world in response to President Trumps declaration that he intends to relocate the US embassy, that hasn't stopped Hamas next door in Gaza from launching yet another missile attack into Israel making 4 launched on Wednesday alone, making it the sixth day on the trot that these poor victims of Jewish oppression launched rockets into Israel.

Funny enough the major news agencies don't mention these attacks, but arrest a stone throwing thug and faster than you can utter 'Allah ackba' the media posts hundreds of articles about how bad the jews are? Anyway here's a video of Iron Dome intercepting 2 of those peaceful missiles that Hamas lobbed over the border this evening.

China: Builds DNA database of everybody from its belligerent Islamic region.

(Beijing)  China like a lot of other countries around the world has a large Islamic population which numbered around 21 million in 2000. And just like Islamic populations across the world, those in China have no problem causing mischief whist playing the victim card.

Unlike other countries China doesn’t allow itself to be bullied by the ethical latte crowd and does what it sees best in which to keep everything under control. Which is why it has embarked on a program to collect the DNA of every Muslim living in the predominantly  Xinjiang region of China in which to build a database which will allow the authorities to quickly identify anybody who leaves any biological evidence around after any incident. Yes it may not be morally right to do so, but as mentioned the mandarins in power don’t care. Meanwhile in the West the liberals complain about the President of the USA tweeting videos of Islamic based crimes.

Canada: Where leftwing politics overrules commonsense

(Ottawa) The first remit of any government is to protect its citizens, be that internally or externally.  However in Canada, the leftwing  PM who has openly declared himself as somebody who hates everything about the US, has decided that actually his adherence to left wing politics takes precedence when it comes to defending the realm.

Currently the Canadian Airforce has the CF18 as its main fighter/strike aircraft. Taken into service in 1983, it is now showing its age and is/was destined to be replaced between 2017 and 2020. Based on the F18 Hornet, the fighter jet soon proved its worth in US/Canadian service. However it was found to be lacking in its range, endurance and the amount of ordnance it can carry. So the US Navy asked for an improved F18 and Boeing came back in 1999 with the F18/E aka the Super Hornet just by extending the plane by 34 inches, it can carry 33% more internal fuel, increasing its mission range by 41% and endurance by 50% over the original Hornet, not only that, but the latest iterations all come with AESA radar, the ability to refuel other planes in flight .Then in 2011 Boeing came out with the advanced Super Hornet which improved the F18/E  even more and added semi stealth capability (Not as good as the B1/F117/F22/F35) but a huge reduction on its radar cross section when compared to other aircraft.

So when Trudeau came to power the first thing he did was scrap the planned purchase of the F35, but settled instead for purchasing the Advanced Super Hornet. Which would have replaced the current aging CF18 with something a lot better, with the bonus of not having to change its maintenance support base.

Now, in a hissy fit over the placing of tariffs of 300% of sales of passenger jets from Canada by the US, Ottawa have cancelled that sale and instead bought a load of old F18 jets from Australia . Now without getting into politics , the reason the US slapped that tariff on Canada was over the deal by Delta to purchase 75 CSeries CS100 plus 50 options at $19.6m each, below their $33.2m production cost.

As mentioned above, the first remit of any government is to protect its citizens, all Trudeau has done with his petty leftwing agenda, is ensure that Canadian servicemen will die on mass because he prefers to scimp in which to save money. Mind you on a positive note, he can hand over the money he saves to all those poor Islamic terrorists who will also receive an apology from the Canadian Government. 

Germany: So called child migrant on murder charges is actually 34

(Freiberg)  Afghan asylum seeker Hussein Khavari hit the headlines last year for all the wrong reasons last year when he was arrested for the vicious rape and murder of 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger .

Police soon chased down Hussein Khavari, who had carried out the evil deed. He entered Germany in November 2015 without identification and claimed to have come from Afghanistan and to have been born in 1999.] Because of his age he was granted asylum as an underage unaccompanied refugee and was placed with a foster family.

After his arrest, the media found out that Khavari had been jailed in 2014 for 10 years in Greece for robbing a 20-year-old student and throwing her over a cliff. He was released after one and half years in prison due to a general amnesty for juvenile offenders initiated by the Greek government (More like the Greeks knew they would all head north to Germany)

Now it has come out in the wash that this so called child migrant is actually 34 years of age and the person who said that is his own father living in safety in…Iran.

So let me get this right, here we have a man masquerading as a child who was inserted into a foster family for his protection, when actually the family itself should have been protected. Funny enough in Sweden it has been reported that 84% of all the child migrants who have turned up are actually adults, (16K in 2015 alone) and lets not forgot the fiasco of all those child migrants admitted into the UK after a huge campaign by the luvies only to find that those children look a lot like adults. (The do-gooders explained their aged looks on having a hard life) and this was after the Home office itself admitted that 2/3rds of all child migrants are adults.

And yet despite all the evidence the do-gooders are still demanding we take in yet more so called child migrants already living in Europe as it is the moral thing to do. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Kitty Heaven

China: Building refugee camps on border with North Korea.

(Beijing) China is building a number of refugee camps along its 1,416km border with North Korea, as it prepares  for the human exodus which a conflict or collapse of Kim Jong-un’s regime might cause. The existence of the camps, was last week, after details emerged in a leaked internal document from within a‘China Mobile’ document  which made the rounds on social media and on Chinese websites last week, and revealed plans for at least five refugee camps in the Jilin province.

The document, states: 
 “Due to cross-border tensions … the [Communist] party committee and government of Changbai county has proposed setting up five refugee camps in the county.” 
It gives the names and locations of three such facilities: Changbai riverside, Changbai Shibalidaogou and Changbai Jiguanlizi. The New York Times reported that centres for refugees were also planned in the cities of Tumen and Hunchun. It appears that the Chinese aren't placing any bets on the fat little bastard in  Pyongyang coming out on top in any future bun fight with against the US or South Korea.

Iran: Woman filmed wearing shorts and playing football with men faces jail if she returns home.

(Tehran) How many times have you heard somebody claim that wearing the Hijab (or other coverings) is a human right and that nobody has a right to stop them wearing it, usually after it has been banned in a country. Only last week a security guard at a McDonalds in London was sacked after he asked a woman to take down her headcovering as per the stores policy on no headcoverings after crime figures in the area went through the roof regards muggings, acid and scooter attacks usually by idiots who cover their heads. Well here's a story which should be promulgated out to all and sundry regards that so called 'Human right'.

28 year old Iranian footballer Shiva Amini was on holiday in Switzerland and she had a kick about in Switzerland wearing shorts, with her head uncovered against men. Unfortunately for her, she was filmed and when the mullahs back home saw her debauchery she was dropped and barred from the national side as well as being banned from coaching or playing in league teams.  Government officials have visited her home asking her parents where she is and when she intends to return.

At a stroke her comfortable lifestyle has gone because a religious bigot working to the rules of this Islamic theocracy decided that she had broken the rules of the country. The fact she wasn’t even in the country is by the by. She committed a crime against Allah and boy must she pay. The Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a statement:
“When you are a member of an official team, you do not have the right to play without the veil even in non-official games abroad. We are living in Islamic country. Why did you have to play with boys?” 

Amini, knowing that her very comfortable life in Iran has now ended and that she faces a prison sentence if she returns has now sought asylum in Switzerland living in a hostel until her application is actioned.

Anybody else find it ironic how women in the west go well out of their way in which to remake the Islamic homelands their parents ran away from in which to seek shelter from the oppressive bigotry that plagues  those countries. The very same countries I should add where there is no choice at all for the fairer sex, its do as I say or else? Funny how these so called champions of human rights never seem to protest for equal rights in places such as Iran, Sudan, or Pakistan. But stop a woman from wearing a hijab in the West and it’s a full blown outrage.

Germany: Bundestag hears how Afghan males drink coffee in Ku'damm Square (Berlin) whilst German soldiers are defending their country.

(Berlin) Leader of Alternative for Germany (AfD) Alexander Gaulandmade a rousing speech yesterday in the German Parliament which questioned the German army’s request to extend the German army’s missions around the world  including Afghanistan.  However as no Government has been formed a temporary extension of 3 months was put in place so as to allow for a German Government to be picked from the current Byzantine bunfight going on in Berlin.

Sweden PM admits: 'Sweden has an anti-Semitism problem

(Stockholm)  After years of political correctness, remaining silent, looking the other way and disparaging the victims, the Swedish Government has finally admitted that they have an Anti-Semitic problem which is due entirely to their Islamic migrant population. Speaking after fire-bomb attacks on 2 separate synagogues, a Jewish cemetery and the public expression of "shoot the jews'  these past 3 days. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has condemned the incidents and authorised increased security around synagogues and at Jewish centres in Stockholm and Malmo.

"We need to see it clearly. In Malmö we see it, and in Gothenburg. It is up to us to both counteract and prevent this. We need to be really clear that such anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews has no place in our society."
However as this is Sweden where common sense has been replaced by political correctness, he then explained how the Swedes would go about combating this huge rise of Anti-Semitism:
"In the government, for example, we have made the decision to give money for remembrance trips for school classes. More school students must see this firsthand and be in Auschwitz, for example, or another [former] concentration camp to really understand what happened,"
Err yer daft bat, Islamic based anti-Semitism is written into the DNA of every Muslim by what is written in their so called holy book the Koran. There is only one way to combat Anti-Semitism amongst Europe’smigrant population, punish them, make them pay and then deport them. Once you send the message that such behaviour will result in you and your family getting sent back home (Where the vast majority of so called asylum seekers return to for holidays, when wanted by the Police or simply to carry out Jihad) thus losing your free housing and benefits, then it will be driven into their tiny bigoted single brain cell that living in the West entails living by the law of the land and not one of abrogation.

Israel: Palestinians use ambulances to ferry...protesters.

(Ramallah) Whilst the Islamic world has no problem demanding everybody else respects the sanctity of things that make them go boom. They in turn have no problem breaking the very rules they demand of others. Which is why a video has emerged of a Red Crescent ambulance transporting rioters to a protest in the West Bank. I would love to hear their excuse for that?

UK: House of Lords debated the duplicitous nature of Islam

(London)  The House of Lords is the second chamber of UK Parliament. It shares the task of making and shaping laws and checking and challenging the government's work and last night they debated the duplicitous nature of Islam. Lord Pearson of Rannoch initiated the debate yesterday asking the Government to encourage Muslim leaders to re-examine key Muslim tenets of abrogation, Taqiyya and Al Hijra and to publish their conclusions.

He started off by making the point that criticism of key tenets of Christianity is entirely permitted in society, whereas it is not for Islam. He began by quoting from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech last year in which he said that:
“in order to defeat terrorism, we need to understand the mindset of those who perpetrate it; that if we treat religiously motivated violence solely as a security or political issue, it may prove impossible to overcome it; that it is wrong to say that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam; and that until religious leaders stand up and take responsibility for the actions of those who do things in the name of their religions, we will see no resolution.”
Lord Pearson then explained that, contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace, “it means submission to the will of Allah, the Muslim God.” He also explained that sharia law is fundamental to Islam, and constitutes a complete way of life which “does not sit easily with our western liberal democracies and our separation of powers between legislature, executive, judiciary and church. 

He then outlined some problematic tenets of Islam, the first of which is abrogation. According to abrogation, later verses in the Quran cancel out earlier peaceful verses. The difficulty of understanding this is complicated by the fact that the Quran is not arranged in chronological order, but merely in order of the length of the surahs, or chapters. Abrogation means that, as Lord Pearson says, “the much-quoted early verse, ‘Let there be no compulsion in religion’, is nullified many times in later verses.”

The second tenet highlighted by Lord Pearson is Taqiyya, according to which “Muslims living outside the Muslim world are encouraged to deceive their hosts in order to further Islam.” Lord Pearson cited as an example of this, a letter signed by 119 British Imams and Muslim leaders which claimed that the beheading of British aid worker David Haines “cannot be justified anywhere in the Quran.” To justify this claim, they cited Quran 5:32 as follows:
“Whosoever kills a human being ... it is as if killing the entire human race; and whosoever saves a life, saves the entire human race.”
Lord Pearson explained that:
“The Taqiyya, or deception, becomes clear when you fill in the dots. The missing passage reads, ‘unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land’. So the Koran actually says you can be killed for spreading mischief in the land, which to the jihadist is doing anything that frustrates his evil purpose.”
The third tenet which Lord Pearson highlighted  was Al Hijra, or the doctrine of immigration following Muhammad’s example migrating from Mecca to Medina for the purpose of spreading Islam.

Those 3 tenets alone deserve wider inspection, but as mentioned, people refuse to do so for a variety of reasons the most serious being, they are scared to do so, as the Islamic population grows we (The non-Islamic population) are finding ourselves having to subscribe to more and more notions of Islamic intolerance which ironically has been the main driving force for so many people to leave their homelands and find sanctuary in the west. Think I'm kidding, In the UK we have overlooked: Mass rapes, FGM, Homophobia, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Political fraud, gun crime and general criminality on the altar of political correctness , anybody who does mention any of the above have found themselves ostracised and sent to Coventry . That is why the above debate is so important to the social fabric of British (If not the whole western world)  society. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

UK: Socialist worker does Twitter

US: Bangladeshi fails suicide bomber attack at Bus Terminal subway station

(New York) Akayed Ullah a 27 year old Bangladeshi national has been arrested after he failed in his attempt to carry out a suicide attack at a crowded walkway at  the Port Authority Bus Terminal subway station in New York.

Thankfully The man who lived in Brooklyn only managed to partially detonated his device, at around 7:40 am this morning and by the grace of god only 4 people were injured.

On being questioned by the Police, he admitted to have been inspired by ISIS and that he made the device at the place he worked.

Kenya: Religious bigots attack children of woman who left Islam.

(Nairobi)  Followers of the peaceful religion aren't happy with how a Somali widow living in Kenya embraced Christianity. So they came a knocking at 0530hrs and when they found she wasn’t home, they decided to teach her children a violent lesson.  Neighbours who arrived at the scene found a 13 year old boy with injuries to his left leg, neck, and chest ,while his elder brother, who was hit with a blunt object, sustained more serious injuries to his head, chest and back. Their 17-year-old sister, who also received heavy blows and kicks, bled from her nose and sustained a rib injury."
Get this, it wasn’t an isolated incident. Just the latest in a whole tranche of attacks. Just what is it about Muslims and their anger towards those who leave Islam?