Friday, November 29, 2019

Holland: stabbing attack inside department store

(The Hague) hours after the terrorist incident in London , 191 miles away in Holland at a department store in the Grote Markt area of the Dutch city of the Hague. A North African male aged between 45 and 50 decided to stab 3 children ( 2 girls aged 15 and a 13 year old boy) at around 8pm Friday. None of the victims knew each other.

In the confusion that entailed, he managed to get away and Dutch police are currently looking for him

Uk: London jihadist who killed 2 people named as released Terrorist: Usman Khan,

(London)  Well as the clocks ticks by, more information has been forthcoming regards the Islamist jihadist who decided to murder death kill around London Bridge today.

The man has now been named as 28 year old Usman Khan, who was jailed in 2012 along with 8 others as part of an al-Qaida-inspired terror group that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange and build a terrorist training camp in Pakistan

 Usman Khan,
Khan was originally given an indeterminate sentence, with a minimum term of eight years in February 2012. This was replaced by a 16-year fixed-term sentence and an extended period on licence by the court of appeal in 2013. Yet somebody who earns a lot more than me decided that khan had been rehabilitated and he was released last December. 

Khan with 5 others of his Al Q gang who were all jailed in 2012 (khan is third from the right) 
And today he found himself on the northend of London Bridge at Fishmongers’ Hall, at a University of Cambridge-organised conference on rehabilitating offenders. where he carried out his pre-planned attack killing 2 people in cold blood before rushing out onto London Bridge where he was chased down by the people he had just attacked before the police on spotting his suicide vest (now known to be fake) simply shot him dead.

Khan being tackled by people from the Hall where he carried out his murderous attack killing 2 people.

Questions should now to be asked about the the idiot who deemed this man was no longer a threat to the general public and released back into society.

Footloose and fancy free’

UK: Knifeman shot dead on London bridge

(London) Its friday, the day when the followers of a certain faith are taught that if they are taken out whilst carrying out an act of unholy jihad, then they are guaranteed a spot in heaven. So it was today on central London when 28 year old Usman Khan, decided to go out with a bang when he proceeded to stab 5 people at Fishmongers’ Hall, before running onto London bridge (scene of a previous terror attack 2 years ago) . Problem for him was the public was having none of his antics and jumped him, pinned him down and waited till the old bill arrived and was shot in which to ensure that he did go out with a bang, but not the way he intended.

Video filmed at the scene around 2pm this afternoon shows people struggling with a man on the ground before armed police officers step in. The officers tell the people on top of the suspect to move away, before dragging the last bystander to safety and opening fire and just to make sure, shit him again due to the fact he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest.

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Monday, November 25, 2019

Uk: And their use of the 'race card' in which to excuse black on black violence.

(Birmingham)  On Saturday , the UK was shocked to hear about how the Starcity cinema plex getting shut down due to mass gang fights involving up to 100 youths,

Resulting in calls for reinforcements who quickly turned up some armed with machetes. 

Ground zero for the above was the screening of the film 'Blue story' which tells the story of 2 black friends in London who find themselves on the opposing gangs.

The film opened in 60 Vue centre venues on friday and within 24 hours incidents of violence had been reported at 23 of them, the worst the Uk has witnessed on any showing of a film so the cinema chain along with 2 others have decided to axe the film.  And now the usual suspects have taken to playing the race card saying that banning a film about black gang violence which has resulting in incidents of black violence is racist and that actually the fights came from people queuing up to see Frozen 2

Meanwhile the UK continues to suffer from the plague of mass gang violence with last Tuesday being the day when the violent death count for 2019 surpassed the violent death count for 2018 in London.

Friday, November 22, 2019

UK: Muslim woman jumps in to defend Jewish children from BLACK religious bigot.

(London)  What is it with religious bigots and their propensity to shove their faith down your neck and if anybody objects they go stupid.

This was perfectly illustrated today on the London Underground when an adult black male decided to read the bible to 1 child who he decided as he was  Jewish needed to be informed of the bible regards how he felt the Jews were stealing his christian heritage. The father quite rightly kept his calm in turn keeping his 2 young children calm  The black bigot was then distracted by a gentlemen, whereupon he became violent (Surprise, surprise) and then he was further distracted by a Muslim women.

US: Animal rights activist arrested after stabbing a woman for wearing faux fur boots she thought were real.

(Cleveland)  It never fails to amaze me how the left of the political centre who scream that they are victims of everything and anything , who quite literally scream the house down with their demands for a safe place to live, work, drink coffee in and who character assassinate anybody who doesn't subscribe to their way of thinking as racist bigots are so quick to resort to violence themselves in which to show the other fellow the error of their ways.

We see this on university campuses , we see this on the streets and last night we saw it inside a church when 35 year old animal rights activist Meredith Lowell followed a babysitter dropping off children at Fairmount Presbyterian Church yesterday around 17.15hrs  for choir practice and proceeded to stab her because she was wearing faux fur boots. After stabbing the babysitter 3 times , Lowell was apprehended by church members until the police arrived. 
But get this, she was arrested earlier this year for attacking a shopper with a knife in a health food store for wearing faux fur on her coat and 7 years ago she was arrested for trying to hire hitmen to kill people who wear fur. Currently she is locked up and no doubt with her penchant for going off the rails, she is going to spend a lot of time locked away . No doubt she will have the cleanest cell on the block as she will have a woman in to hover up once a day.(Think about it). But my point is. the left of political centre have lost the art of debate and have become the most intolerant bunch of thugs going who have no problem resorting to violence in which to achieve their political objectives. yet these are the very people who scream out to the world, that they are the real victims at the hands of NAZIS.

The irony here is the full name for NAZIS is National Socialist German Workers' Party

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