Saturday, September 23, 2017

UK: Afghan Asylum jailed for 6 years for promoting ISIS Propaganda.

(Oxford) 21 year old Hussein Yusef,  arrived in Britain from Afghanistan at the age of 14, applied for asylum, and was brought up by foster parents in Oxford. He spoke little English but made 'remarkable progress’ at school . All in all a rags to riches story with a happy ending. Err No,  It appears that Hussein actively embraced the ideology  he claimed he ran away from Afghanistan in fear of his life in which to find sanctuary in the UK,

He set up five Facebook accounts to fight an 'ISIS propaganda war', ranting against homosexuality, Shia Muslims, The United States and 'Kuffar'. It also emerged that Yusef appeared to be the administrator of a Facebook page called Khilafah News, which described itself as an "Islamic State bulletin". Described as "unadulterated IS propaganda, plain and simple" by prosecutors, the page gave advice to individuals seeking to join the terrorists in the Middle East.

In December 2015 he wrote 'if a kafir does not see you as a threat to his safety then you know you have something wrong with the way you practise the Deen [religion].' In March 2016 he changed his Facebook cover photo to a quote 'The Islamic State: a state for all Muslims, so let's participate together to build and protect it'. One of the videos he posted was titled 'Ramadan Under the Shades of the Khalifah', showing IS fighters attacking the Syrian Army. After the Paris and Brussels attacks he called on other Muslims to study the Quran to 'learn why those attacks were 100% right'. He also boasted on encrypted social media app, Telegram, that he had attended a protest outside the Israeli embassy with a homemade poster saying 'Hitler you were right.' As this is the UK, anybody is free to say what they want unless you are white Non-Muslim then you have no rights whatsoever. However The UK authorities were forced to act when poor little asylum features decided to upload on his facebook account the personal details of more than 56 US military personnel The details included email addresses, home addresses and names of their bases in the US and were attached to the hashtag "US Army pigs completely hacked". He wrote: "All praise to Allah alone"

For all of the above, Dicksplash was jailed for 6 and a half years. However in the UK, you only carry out half your sentence and  so this Jihadist will be out and about free to continue to spread the word of ISIS by 2020.

Anybody else noticed that these stories are appearing on an almost daily basis now and still the liberals tell me Islam can only be a religion of peace.

UK: Mosque leader found guilty of promoting Jihad in the name of ISIS

(Stoke on Trent) 40 year old Mullah Kamran Hussain has been found guilty of supporting ISIS and of encouraging terrorism .

Kamran Hussain 
During his trial at the Old Bailey, it was heard that Hussain’s Friday lunchtime speeches at a charity-funded mosque took a turn for the negative when he started promoting Jihad in support of ISIS. Undercover law enforcement officer recorded how he:
  • Told his audience that martyrdom was the supreme success and was greater than any other success, such as school or college."
  • Gave a sermon about "kuffar" or non-Muslims.
  • Blamed the British Government for creating the English Defence League and funding them to "insult" Muslims and put them down.
  • Claimed far right group Britain First was a "Government-backed project
  • Referred to ISIS  as "a small fledgling state which  is standing in the face of a pompous and arrogant army".
  • Spoke in favour of engaging in jihad to "take over a land" and "stand the black flag".
  • Stated that neither the "Queen or prime minister" could stand in the way of the law of Allah.
The Crown Prosecution Service closed off with:
"Kamran Hussain was in a position of trust and authority which he abused by encouraging support for Daesh and glorifying violent extremism. His audience included children, some as young as 10, who would have heard him say killing others or being killed themselves was more desirable than doing well in school.”
In his defence ISIS features argued the ability to discuss "difficult concepts in a challenging world" was an essential part of religion and claimed he was exercising his right to freedom of speech.
Unfortunately for Hussain, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. He will be sentenced later.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Austria: 18 year old Afghan murdered his 14 year old sister as she wanted to leave.

(Vienna)  A 18 year old Afghan is currently in court on charges of murdering his 14 year old sister. He claims she had argued with their liberal parents saying she had, enough of school and wanted to leave and that her murder was a huge misunderstanding after she had pushed him . However her school disagrees stating she felt restricted at home and wanted to leave as her parents wanted her to travel to Pakistan and marry a man of their choosing. She had actually moved into a halfaway house, a chance meeting between siblings led to him demanding she return home, assaulting her and then stabbing her 13 ties  however that so called chance meeting has now been questioned as it has been revealed that the murder weapon had been bought and buried in the park a fortnight before the girls murder.

Interlude: Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Thursday, September 21, 2017

India: 3 killed when Islamic terrorists throw a grenade into a crowd.

(Kashmir) Three civilians were killed and 30 others, including security personnel, injured when Pakistani funded terrorists hurled a grenade at the cavalcade of Jammu and Kashmir Minister Naeem Akhtar in Tral town thursday. A woman was among the three civilians killed, while the injured included 21 civilians, seven CRPF troopers and two local policemen.

As Tral, was the hometown of Islamic terrorist Burhan Wani, whose death sparked violence in the region last year . A group of people gathered outside the hospital alleging that civilians had been injured in retaliatory firing by security forces.

Australia: Nur Islam in court over how he set himself and bank on fire over slow service.

(Melbourne) Last November, 22 year od Nur Islam a Rohingya Muslim asylum seeker from Myanmar popped into the Springvale branch of Commonwealth Bank in which to withdraw some money. However as the bank was packed (As you can see from the video clip)  he became angry at having to queue, so he popped across the street, bought a can of petrol , poured it all over the floor of the bank and lit it.

Thankfully, the only seriously injured person was Islam, who after spending a good few months in hospital being treated for 60 per cent burns, has now found himself now in court on 108 charges including intentionally causing serious injury, conduct endangering life and criminal damage.
His defence barrister Barnaby Johnston told the hearing Islam had suffered the "most serious and catastrophic injuries". He said there was insufficient evidence Islam had intended to injure the people inside the bank and the charges of intentionally causing serious injury and intentionally causing injury should be downgraded.

But Magistrate Peter Reardon found there was enough evidence to commit Islam to stand trial on all charges.

UK: Pro Hamas/Hezb-allah supporter and leader of the British Labour party

(London) The leader of the British Opposition Jeremy Corbyn,(JC)  has wished a happy RoshHashanah to British Jews:

The thing is, JC as a friend of Hamas/Hezballah and the rest of the 'Allah ackba' crowd isn't known for being on friendly terms with Jews.

Why when allegations surfaced of Anti-Semitism within the Socialist Labour Party and he was forced to act on them, he brought in a so called Human rights expert in which to do just that and after she found that there was no anti-Semitism at all within the Socialist Labour party she was rewarded with a peerage into the house of Lords.  Naturally as soon as she received her thirty pieces of silver from JC, he then went all out and compared Israel to ISIS.

As you can guess JCs best wishes hasn't gone down well with a lot of people:

UK: Failed suicide knifeman in court.

(London) 26 year old Mohiussunnath Chowdhury wasn’t happy living in the UK amongst non-Muslims, so taking a page out of the Islamic holy book  which states:

"And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing... but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)"
He knocked out a suicide note,armed himself with a sword,  got in his Toyota Prius, set the sat nav for the home of the Queen of England and drove off at 5 mph. . However  instead of ending up at Windsor Castle he found himself outside a pub called the Windsor Castle pub in central London. (about 25 miles out)

Naturally as a good pious Muslim, Chowdhury must have become incandescent with rage  at finding himself outside an establishment which sells alcohol, which could be why as he found himself driving past Buckingham Palace (on route to the real Windsor Place) , he decided to jump out and take his anger out , on the Police. Unfortunately for him, even armed with a 4ft sword , he couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag and he was nicked.

Which is why Sat Nav man found himself in court charged with "engaging in conduct in preparation for giving effect to his intention to commit an act or acts of terrorism".

The case continues.

Switzerland: Members of the Swiss version of CAIR/MCB charged with making al Qaeda propaganda

(Bern) Three (Naim Cherni, Qaasim Illi and Nicolas Blancho ) senior members of the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS),(Swizz version of CAIR) Have been charged with making and promoting propaganda films for al Qaeda. The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) state that the Council made films in Syria in 2015 with a leading al Qaeda member and posted two films on YouTube that were promoted by the three committee members.

“that the accused offered the leading al-Qaeda member in question a prominent multilingual multimedia platform from which to advantageously portray and promote both himself and the ideology of al-Qaeda.”
ICCS spokesman Abdel Azziz Qaasim Illi,  speaking to the media  stated that he was one of the three men charged, dismissed the case as a “political show trial,” and said authorities had misunderstood the video at the heart of the case.
“The point of the interview was to counter (Islamic State) propaganda with a credible figure from the moderate Syrian rebel spectrum. The interview itself never concerned al Qaeda,”
In reply The OAG claims to have proof that this increased the appeal of al-Qaeda to existing and potential members around the world, thus promoting the organisation’s criminal activities.

Sweden: Police currently investigating a terror threat in Stockholm.

(Stockholm) The Swedish Security Service, Säpo, have confirmed that they are investigating a threatening chain of message that is being spread on social media, regards an imminent attack on the Swedish capital. However they have denied reports in the media that they have formally stepped up their level of security. Säpo's head of communications Nina Odermalm Schei

"We have an intensive flow of intelligence and receive threats similar to this one every other day or so. The difference in this case is that the threat is being spread on social media. Our job is then to find out what there is to it,"
Local newspaper Aftonbladet reports that the threat is aimed at central parts of Stockholm. It is understood that the threat does not contain any concrete information, Sweden's national terror threat level remains at "three" on a scale from one to five where five is the most serious.

UK: ISIS wannabe jailed for 4 years

(London) On the day after the Paris attacks in November 2015. Taha Hussain and another filmed themselves outside Windsor castle and at a nearby British Army barracks, making  threats and yelling ISIS slogans. Hussain made a second video outside Hounslow barracks with Haroon Ali Syed, 19, from Hounslow, west London, who was jailed for life in July 2017 for plotting a terrorist attack at an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

After he had been picked up by the Police they found that in Hussain they had a Islamic State fanatic who liked nothing more than spreading terrorist propaganda which peddled the line that politicians, police and soldiers were the "best of all people to kill” After Hussain was arrested in August last year, police found that his screensaver was the black flag of IS and his PIN number was 9117 - an apparent reference to the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. Other images on the device showed the black flag of Islam superimposed on the burning Houses of Parliament and flying outside Number 10 Downing Street. Six separate clips were also found on his phone, in which the men could be seen driving past the castle and Victoria Barracks and listening to an Arabic chant called a nasheed while giggling in excitement.
"See that place over there? [Windsor Castle] Insha'Allah, we're going to [tear] up the British flag [replace it] with that of sharia Insha'Allah, of the Emir al Mumineen [Leader of the Faithful] Abu Bakr al Baghdadi,"
In court, Hussain who had become religiously observant at the age of 15, claimed he was in Windsor "to feed the ducks".  However the court were having none of his fowl excuses . Which is why Hussain, of Slough, was found guilty at the Old Bailey in July of seven charges of disseminating terror documents on YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram apps.

Sentencing him to four and a half years in prison, the judge Paul Dodgson said some of the evidence heard in the trial was chilling, particularly in light of recent terror attacks in the UK. He said: 
“I can only hope that your public renouncement of the aims of Isis and its allies is genuine and will lead you to take a new direction in the way you observe your religion.”
Really? A religious bigot whose friends have either been arrested for terrorism, serving prison sentences for terrorism , buggered off to join ISIS or died carrying out Terrorists acts, says he's see the error of his ways and promises to be a good Muslim from now on. I suppose the detail is in how we decipher what being a good Muslim entails?