Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pakistan: Headmaster shot dead for marking Student down for skipping school, uses blasphemy as an excuse.

(Charsadda)  18 year old Faheem Ashraf – a second-year student at New Islamia Public College Shabqadar –Killed college principal Sareer Ahmed after the two argued over the student's absence from college to attend a political protest in November.

It appears Ashraf wasn’t happy for getting marked absent for taking 3 days off in which to attend the violent anti-government protest last year where over 200 people were injured so he shot Sareer Ahmed 6 times.

Murdered college principal Sareer Ahmed
Ashraf was arrested at the crime scene and his weapon seized by the police, a video of the arrest shows the murderer justifying the murder by saying he believed the college principal had committed blasphemy. Which is strange as Sareer Ahmed was not only a practising Muslim, a Hafiz-e-Quran, (Somebody who had recited the koran from memory) he also held a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Peshawar. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, and a son.
Faheem Ashraf: "I have been taught... to kill... to not be afraid. Don't be afraid of disrespecting the one who" commits blasphemy, "You can kill me," 
Isn’t it great how in Islamic countries, you can excuse killing your head teacher for marking you down as playing hooky by claiming it's blasphemy. 

Libya: Twin bomb attack on Mosque kills 41

(Benghazi)  A double car bomb attack which targeted worshippers leaving a mosque after evening prayers has killed 41 people and injured another 80.

The first blast struck at around 2020hrs local time outside the mosque in Benghazi’s central Al Salmani district as worshippers were leaving evening prayers. Some 10 to 15 minutes later, after security and health officials had arrived on the scene, a second, more powerful blast was detonated from a Mercedes parked on the opposite side of the street, hitting an ambulance and causing a higher number of casualties.

Ahmed Fitouri, a Libyan National Army commander in the investigation department and described as a Salafist by some, was killed. Mahdi Al-Fallah, an officer in the intelligence division is understood to have escaped, So this may not have been just some random blood letting.

Belgium: Police shoot knife-man at train station.

(Ghent) The security experts in Brussels yesterday advised the Government to reduce its security rating from a threat level of  3 (a serious and credible threat) to 2 (average and unlikely).

Less than 24 hours later police operating at the main train station in the city of Ghent were forced to shoot a knifeman who attacked them, the man was seriously injured and has been operated on at a local hospital.
Whilst the authorities have declined to offer any information regards the man who was shot an eye witness interviewed by the state broadcaster VRT quoted a witness who stated:
 "A man walked into the station and passed by barely a meter from me, he babbled a foreign language and was waving a knife, the police in the station hall signaled that he had to stop, but he did not listen. Then I heard three shots, the man also had a package with him, I thought it was a bomb,"

Ghana: Undercover President get stopped by corrupt police who demand a Bribe

(AccraNana AddoDankwa Akufo-Addo is the current president of Ghana and the other day he decided to drive across the capital undercover to see how the locals have it. It appears that a bunch of bent coppers seeing such a big car felt the need to make some quick cash. Big mistake:
What makes it even worse for the Police, is how when he was inaugurated, the President stated he was going to stamp out government corruption.

Sweden: 5 thugs jailed for murder most foul.

(Stockholm)  Five men have been convicted of murders in the Hallongbergen suburb of Stockholm, where in early 2017 a man was killed then a couple subsequently murdered after one of them provided a witness account regarding the first incident.

Last January a man working inside a garage in the Sundbyberg suburb of Stockholm was attacked by 5 thugs, despite been shot he managed to make it into his car and drive off towards the nearest hospital,  unfortunately for him,  the gang gave chase and murdered him on route by ramming his car off the road and then shooting him dead. The attack outside the garage was witnessed by a 39 year old man who informed the police. So in order to clear up that angle the gang followed the man home 6 weeks later after he had walked his dog and broke into his house. He managed to call the police naming his attackers as Fouad Saleh, and Mikael Chamoun  but before the police could arrive, he was shot dead  and his wife stabbed to death. The police arrived just minutes too late and arrested Saleh, Chamoun and a 17-year-old. On their clothing they found blood from the 39-year-old and his wife. 
Fouad Saleh on been lead away from court today

Today in court Fouad Sahle received a life sentence, Mikael Chamoun received a 14 year sentence, Amir Iabbari Dakes received a 12 year sentence. Munir Nooraldin received a 10 year sentence, and the 17 year old murderer got a slap on the wrist in the form of a 3 year sentence. 

Germany: 14 year old murdered at school by 15 year old migrant.

(Lünen) This morning at 8am local time a 15 year old boy with a Kazakhstan passport decided to start the day by knifing a 14 year old todeath at school. The incident transpired at the Käthe Kollwitz comprehensive school in the town of Lünen which is just north of the city of Dortmund.

It appears that the 15 year old , had just returned from a year’s absence stabbed his victim in the neck in from of his own mother, he was arrested 45 minutes later by the police as he tried to flee along a nearby canal. 

Germany: Kurds and Turks hash it out inside Airport.

(Hanover)  Kurds in Germany, taking notice of the current cold weather decided to hold a protest regards the ethic cleaning of their own from inside Syria by the Turkish Army and friends. Which is why they descended on Hanover Airport on mass. Turkish travellers took offence and so as witnessed all across the shit holes of the world a fight took place, something which we are seeing increasingly more and more of in the West as these new citizens share all the joys of Islam with us all.

I wonder when other delights of Islam such as misogyny, Anti-Semitism, terrorism and honour killings will reach our shores...No wait.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Germany: Medics save life of Afghan who almost drowned whilst trying to murder his girlfriend

(Berlin) A 17-year-old Afghan was saved in December after he pushed his former girlfriend into the river Haval and then jumped in after her to finish the job. Problem is, he couldn't swim. His ex managed to get away and make it to the shore. Unfortunately for the mankind, he was saved by first responders.

The ungrateful Afghan asylum seeker who arrived in Germany in 2015 had to be resuscitated and was then taken to a hospital where he was kept overnight. He is now being investigated for attempted murder.

Germany: Child asylum seeker finds sanctuary in Sweden after raping a child

(Berlin) The murky convoluted world of fake asylum seekers has been fully exposed in Germany (again) after a so called 14-year-old Afghan asylum seeker (claimed to be 12 when he entered Germany in 2016) buggered off to Sweden in which to claim asylum after he was found to have raped Emily, the 4-year-old child of the foster family in Berlin who adopted him.

It transpires that Ahmed M, who decided to play doctors and nurses with the little girl after he was left alone with her last year, was noted for how tall he was. He had the beginnings of a mustache and was seriously doubted over his claim to be just 13 at the time of the alleged abuse of the girl. However, prosecutor Corinna Gögge rejected a plea from Emily's father to force him to undergo a test to determine his age.

Anyway, not happy how he had been exposed for his peccadilloes towards little girls, Ahmed packed his bags and relocated to Sweden where he claimed to be a year younger. The Swedes, being f-ing stupid, have granted him asylum and have refused to acknowledge a request from the girl's father for Ahmed to be investigated.

Thailand: Market bomb kills 3, injures 22

(Yala) A motorcycle bomb has killed three people and wounded many others at a market in Thailand's insurgency-hit south, police reported:

"The suspects parked the motorcycle in front of a stall selling pork in downtown Yala ... it detonated 10 minutes later killing three civilians and wounding 19 others,"
Whilst the death toll in 2017 from the Islamic insurgency in the south of the country was the lowest in 13 years of conflict as peace talks edged forwards and the Thai junta boosted its security lock down on the region.Monday's bomb at a packed market in Yala town popular with Buddhists and Muslims suggests a return to attacks on civilian targets.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Belgium, Netherlands to supplement UNRWA funds cut by U.S.

The same UNRWA that employs Hamas members who build tunnels under and store rockets in the UNRWA-run schools.
(JPost) The Netherlands and Belgium pledged a total of $38 million for the UN agency that provides aid to Palestinians following US funding cuts of $110 million.

Belgium’s government pledged $23.3 million in extra funding for UNRWA and the Dutch government said it would fast-track another $15 million in funding.

The United States announced its cuts on Thursday. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters that a $45 million payment pledged for the UNRWA food aid program would not go through for the time being. Earlier this week, the US said it would freeze $65 million pledged to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, transferring only $60 million.

According to UNRWA, the United States provided more than $350 million in aid to the organization in 2017.
 And here is the reason why:
In the Netherlands, International Aid Minister Sigrid Kaag, who used to work for UNRWA and is married to a Palestinian former Cabinet minister, said she would make available immediately her country’s annual budget of $15 million for UNRWA, which was planned to be dispensed in several payments.

Three lawmakers, including one from the ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, submitted questions to Kaag in parliament this week about the decision.

“Why are you fast-tracking funding for UNRWA when there are so many potential groups with urgent needs?” they asked.
The only reason.
Israel has accused UNRWA institutions of harboring terrorist activities against Israel. In October, a Hamas tunnel was discovered under a UNRWA-run school in the Gaza Strip. Israel has also accused UNRWA teachers of using anti-Semitic and anti-Israel textbooks. And Israel has charged that UNRWA’s definition of refugee perpetuates Palestinian intransigence and suffering.


Turkey invades Syria – tanks and soldiers cross the border

(Daily Star) TURKISH military forces are invading Syria after pounding the war-torn country with airstrikes.

Forces entered the country's Afrin province today just 24 hours after pounding the region with airstrikes.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim reportedly said they are targeting US-backed Kurdish fighters.

Shocking pictures show dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles crossing over the border in a terrifying display of military might.

But the Syrian-Kurdish YPG militia has denied there is a full-scale invasion underway, claiming forces clashed in Afrin but Turkish soldiers were beaten back.

YPG official, Nouri Mahmoudi, said "all the Turkish military's ground attacks against Afrin have been repelled so far and they have been forced to retreat."

A statement from the militia said: "Our people are holding on to their land and do not accept surrender... we repeat our determination to protect our people in Afrin against the attacks."

Turkey has claimed the massive movement of military hardware into the country is simply to create a 30km-deep "safe zone" in the north of the country.

It came just hours after Turkey launches airstrikes in Afrin, with the military claiming it had hit 153 targets so far, including shelters and hideouts used by Kurdish militants.

But the YPG – which is backed by the United States but classed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey – said they had killed six civilians and three of its fighters.

Turkey has dubbed the action "Operation Olive Branch", which has seen them carry out relentless airstrikes yesterday.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, wrote on Twitter: "In its second day, OliveBranchOperation continues to ensure peace and security for our people, protect Syria's territorial integrity and eliminate all terrorist elements in the region.

"Turkey expects its allies to support its fight against terrorism in all of its forms."

Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency reported that four rockets fired from Syria hit the border town of Kilis overnight, damaging houses. Turkish security forces then retaliated, it said.

The operation pits Turkey against Kurdish fighters allied to the US at a time when ties between Ankara and Washington – NATO allies and members of the coalition against ISIS – reach breaking point.

Turkey sees the YPG as an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has carried out a deadly, three-decade insurgency in Turkey's mainly Kurdish southeast.

But the US is backing the YPG in Syria, seeing it as an effective partner in the fight against ISIS.