Friday, December 15, 2017

Spain: Serbian Rambo arrested after police shoot out.

(El Ventorrillo) A fugitive Serbian killer nicknamed Rambo, who  killed two men in Italy, has been arrested in a shootout in Spain in which he allegedly killed a further three people.

Norbert Feher, alias Igor Vaclavic, had been on the run since April, where he shot dead a park ranger, a barman and injured a policeman in Italy. A massive manhunt was launched which involved paratroopers, snipers with night vision goggles and sniffer dogs, however he evaded capture. After Feher -who is believed to be a former soldier- went to ground. Hiding in woods and marshland and apparently living off the land, he was given the name Rambo’ from the Italian media for his apparent wilderness survival skills.

His trail went cold until today, when he was arrested after a gunfight at a farmhouse near the town of Teruel in Aragon, eastern Spain, in which he killed two Spanish police officers and a farmer.

Iraq: 38 ISIS thugs hanged, Liberals up in arms.

(Baghdad)  The world was widely awoken when ISIS burst out of Syria and within months looked like it was going to capture the whole of Iraq. The bigger and better armed Iraqi army simply could n'tstem the advance of the Islamic state and where ISIS went thousands were murdered. Be it Iraqi soldiers , Christians ,Yazidis or even Muslims, their bodies are still been found in mass graves. Then there was the penchant of ISIS to glamorise the most gruesome deaths, Burnings, beheadings, drownings, child murderers etc. 

However the Iraqis prevailed and with support from the rest of the world, they held their ground and took the fight back to ISIS and only recently have they declared the war over. Now that major conflict has ended, the Iraqi government is sorting through the people they have captured and dealing with them. Such as  hanging 38 men who belonged to ISIS after a short trail yesterday. You know what, that is their right as the Iraqi people suffered at the hands of these people and they know from experience that for some crimes , a prison sentence isn't an option.

Well that hasn't gone down well with the ethical latte drinkers around the world. Yup these so called champions of Human rights are aghast at these deaths and they have gone public in which to express their displeasure.

Which is why the UN has issued a statement:
“We are deeply shocked and appalled at the mass execution,”
Amnesty International have done also:
“By carrying out yet another mass execution, the second in the span of three months, the Iraqi authorities have once again displayed a blatant disregard for human life and dignity."

Sweden's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Iraqi ambassador after a Swedish-Iraqi citizen was executed:
" We protested the death sentence and took it up at a high level with Iraqi representatives,"

Just what is it about these so called champions for Human rights who care more about those who murder,death,kill than their victims.

Israel: Video of Suicide bomber shot in Ramallah

(West Bank)  A man was shot and injured after he stabbed a policeman outside Ramallah today. The troops then retreated to a safe distance  once they realised he was wearing an explosive vest which thankfully failed to detonate.

I'll tip my hat to the brave ambulance men who picked him up. Not much to say about the idiots who crowded the ambulance once bomb boy was inside,

But hey, why am I not surprised. Its the Islamic holyday and people have left the mosque.

France: As the Islamic population grows, so does the Ethnic cleansing of Jews

(Paris)  Whilst Muslims living in the West complain about the so called rampant racism they face , their actual numbers grow Yet whilst the Muslims of Europe opine about what victims they are, they are behind the huge growth of anti-Semitism -  which is currently taking place across Europe: The UK, Sweden, Germany , Holland  , Denmark  - Which has seen the Jews become the target of choice for the followers of Mohammed and their leftwing sycophants. But the country which has seen the biggest rise is France, the country whose official motto is: Liberté, égalité, fraternité where the Jewish population is shrinking.

Today the newspaper 20 Minutes has published an article about how Jews are been ethnically cleansed from France due to their so called peaceful neighbours treating them as they are taught in their holy book the Koran regards non-Muslims, which is why in 2015, 8000 jews left France, in 2016 that figure was 5000, but the exodus isn't just external , it is also internal with Jews from areas with large Islamic popualtions relocating to other neighbourhoods in and around the city, in the hope of escaping the anti-Semitism that is rife among their much more numerous Muslim neighbours.
One family with three children left their Romainville lodge "in a hurry" in June, after discovering somebody had slashed the tires of their car  Used a screwdriver to scratch the words "Jew",Israel and the star of David  into their car.  This transpired a week after they had been robbed. “After spending three months with the inlaws, the family found an apartment in a quieter suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.
In Pierrefitte, the rabbi has recorded a 50 percent decline in the congregations since his arrival thirteen years ago. A similar story is told in (nearby) Bondy, where attendance on Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the Jewish calendar) has fallen from about 800 to 400 in the last decade.

Written on the walls of a French Jewish family : “Dirty Jew” – “Long Live Palestine”.
The left, the so called champions of Human rights, scared of losing their heads at the hands of the monster they have unleashed within our midst,  suck up to these intolerant bastards by defending their actions with weasel statements such as:  "I don't hate Jews, but Zionists" thus pointing in the direction of Israel in which to excuse their hatred. However everybody knows that actually they mean Jews. Yet the very same people who are happy to blame Jews in France (and the rest of Europe) for the state of Israel, never seem to do likewise when it comes to Muslims and the ugliness written into their DNA which is why after any Terrorist attack, we are regaled to:  Nah, it was a lone wolf, he was angry about that countries foreign policy, He is mentality unbalanced, he had a bad time in his home country, He's a good boy, he was brainwashed. You see, too f-ing scared to state the truth.

So here we are today in France where the Islamic population who are happy to proclaim themselves as the new jews of today are actually seeing their population grow, meanwhile the real jews (who Muslims claim can only be evil ) are seeing themselves ethically cleansed. Meanwhile the Political elites stand high in their ivory towers fiddle as Europe burns.

Germany: 130 Police carry out terror raids in Berlin

(Berlin) Following up on their investigations after last Christmas's terrorist incident in the city (which saw 12 people killed) German police carried out 9 raids across the city on the locations of 4 individuals who have recently arrived in Germany from Syria who have known links to ISIS.

Whilst the German media are claiming that 4 people were arrested, the German police are denying that charge. claiming that the raids were simply to collect evidence, "especially data storage devices,"

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Holland: Mass stabbing sees 2 killed 3 injured.

(Maastricht) A mass stabbing took place last night in the southern Dutch city of Maastricht. A man was stabbed to death during a fight around 9 pm local (2000 GMT) and a suspect fled the scene. Ten minutes later a woman was fatally stabbed and two men injured about a kilometre  away from the first incident. A third wounded person was later found at a local mosque.

Police have arrested a suspect on suspicion of involvement in the incidents. They have released no details on the suspect or the victims but said investigation gave "no reason whatsoever to presume" that terrorism was a motive in the stabbings.

US: Nephews of Venezuela's first lady sentenced to 18 years in U.S. drug case

(New York)  Two nephews of Venezuela's first lady have been sent down in the US on smuggling drugs charges.  Efrain Campo, 30, and his cousin Francisco Flores, 31 received sentences of 18 years in jail on Thursday for their part in a conspiracy to smuggle almost one ton of cocaine into the United States via the use of the Venezuelan airport's presidential hangar

The two were arrested in Haiti in November 2015 by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) whilst their defence and family tried to send the message that these were innocent men entrapped by the US for political purposes. Mobile phone messages showing their links to violent crime (Including pictures of beheaded people who had crossed them)  said otherwise. 

No doubt their uncle won't be happy

Australia: The Taliban Tarts and Santa escorted out of Perth Shopping centre for singing Jihad Bells ♫♫♫♫

(Perth) Three women dressed in sheer burqas and a man in a full Santa Claus costume from the Australian Liberty Alliance political party were escorted out Floreat Forum  by security staff after  singing non- politically correct Christmas carols.

The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) is a right-wing political party in Australia whose criticism of Islam has drawn a lot of attention. The Taliban Tarts is just one of the ways they have gone about spreading their message:

Sweden: 17 year old Afghan asylum seeker stabbed to death at school.

(Stockholm) 17 year old  Afghan Mahmoud Alizade was stabbed to death in an altercation with a 16 year old youth  at the Enskede farm gymnasium school in the Swedish capital.  He was taken to hospital but medics were unable to save him.

Mahmoud arrived in Sweden 2 years ago looking for asylum, whilst he claimed to seek shelter from Afghanistan, it transpires his family live in Iran whom he was trying to bring over to Sweden after he gained the right to residency this year. As the police are not calling this a racist attack, I don’t have to guess about the background of his killer. 

Somalia: Suicide bomb attack kills 17

(Mogadishu) A suicide bomber infiltrated a police training camp in the Somali capital disguised as a police officer with hidden explosives strapped around his waist and torso, targeted officers gathering for special morning exercises and detonated his IED amongst a group of people. Killing 17 people and injuring another 20.

The Somalia-based al-Shabab extremist group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

US: US Airforce successfully tested the new Long Range Anti-Ship Missile (LRSM)

(Point Mugu)  Since the end of the cold war, the US like many other western nations downsized its military forces and diverted the money saved towards other projects. Unfortunately that so called era of peace and understanding went out of the window when countries such as Russia/China/North Korea and Iran upped their military expenditure.  That hasn't been helped with how the west has spent the last 16 years fighting a primarily asymmetrical war across the globe, which has resulted in a lot of money being spent on fighting terrorism, be it new body or vehicle armour, new mine resistant vehicles  , UAVs  and of course the low collateral damage weapons (Brimstone/JDAMS/SDB)

Due to the cuts enforced upon the US military and the redirection of funds to combat terrorism, they have found themselves deficient in certain areas, aircraft numbers, ship numbers and offensive capabilities, such as Anti-ship missiles.

Until recently, the only missile US Navy ships could fire at enemy ships was the ageing Harpoon, whose 70 to 150 mile range (depending on model) is badly outgunned by newer Russian and Chinese Missiles. (Yes the Harpoon is getting a new update, but it is still based on 70s technology)  

Missile range graph taken from this document 

The US started development in 2009 of a new stealthy, intelligent anti-ship missile. Using technology already in place arising from the development of the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile) a low observable standoff air-launched cruise missile, the Americans fast tracked their development  of their new anti-ship missile coming up with the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile or LRASM and today they carried out their final test of the missile before it is enrolled out to the Navy next year.

LRASM comes to the table with a long range (200 miles) and a large warhead, 1,000 pounds. It is designed to navigate autonomously around enemy radar and defences,  by using artificial intelligence In otherwords it is designed to to be sneaky, which combined with its stealth features means it should be able to hit the enemy without giving them time to react. Hopefully allowing the US military to get back into the game. Mind you, I think the Anti-ship missile to watch is the Japanese XASM-3 with its Mach 3 speed and range of upto 124 miles.

Italy: 30 year old woman raped for 24 hours after been kidnapped by 2 Tunisians immigrants.

(Asti)  A 30 year old woman had to endure 24 hours of rape after she was kidnapped off the streets, held captive by 2 Tunisian migrants. 

She was found and released after she managed to use her phone which she hid from her capturers to contact a friend. Police, who were already looking for her, after her father reported her missing, found her tied up in a basement. The two Tunisian men have been arrested and charged with kidnapping, sexual violence and violence towards the victim.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Israel; How the Israeli Police deal with idiots who publicly burn a picture of President Trump

Holland: Government refuses to take action against ISIS fighter found living in the country.

(Dan haag) The Dutch Government has come under fire after it stated that they could not do anything of the outing of a Syrian asylum seeker as an ISIS terrorist. The 31 year old man was spotted at the Balie debating centre in Amsterdam last month and accused of being a former ISIS fighter by Syrian activists . has spoken to the media saying he has never been part of the Islamic terrorist group. The man a Syrian national was spotted watching a film about how Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently collective by activists 
Aziz during his TV interview
Aziz (As he calls himself) told the Volkskrant speaking to the media stated that  he had been arrested with 11 other members of a book club who ‘read banned books about Syria and the regime, about shiite and sunni Muslims’ in 2005 He claims he was released via an amnesty in 2011 and made plans to leave Syria. He left for Turkey in 2012. In 2014, he ended up in the Netherlands where he went to the Ter Apel refugee centre and was given a permanent residency permit. He now works in a café in Amsterdam.
The video above contained within the Tweet, whilst starting in Dutch reverts to English at the 26 second point.
Dutch security service sources  have stated that the man is ‘a serious case’ who travelled to the Netherlands under a false name and is being monitored by the AIVD. They were aware of his presence before the Balie debate. But Aziz,  but who goes under a different name in the Netherlands, told the media  he had never had anything to do with ISIS. Despite calls for him to picked up and jailed immediately, prime minister Mark Rutte said that he understood people were shocked but that he could not comment further on the case out of security considerations. justice minister Ferdinand Grapperhuis said the man could only be arrested if there were ‘sufficient legal grounds’.

UK: Brother of ISIS suicide bomber convicted for terror offences

(Sheffield) 24 year old dental student Mohammed Abbas Idris Awan, has been convicted  on a charge of engaging in conduct in preparation of a terrorist act on or before June 6, 2017 and two charges of possessing a document or record of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

Awan, was arrested days after buying 500 ball bearings, and possessed extremist material advising how they could be used in home-made bombs. After police searched his house, they found 11 mobile phones, 16 USB sticks and seven computers which contained a vast amount of terrorism material.

The jury at Sheffield Crown Court took just four hours to find Awan guilty of all three charges after a trial which lasted over three weeks. After the verdict Awan’s mother Noor Jehan Baig, berated the  trial prosecutor  shouting: “You have put someone inside who is completely innocent. God will punish you.” And she then told the local paper:
“We will fight back. This is very unfair. It was his big brother that he had paid for. They should get the truth out.”. 
She was of course referring to his big brother Rizwan who  travelled from Manchester to Istanbul in May, 2015 and joined ISIS, he then carried out a suicide attack which killed 30 people in Iraq.

Funny enough, this view that Awan is an innocent man is mirrored amongst his Islamic neighbours: With Mohammed Yaqub stating to the press:
 “I am shocked, very, very shocked. I have known him all my life.That’s very, very bad. He was a very nice, educated young man. I have known him since he was a kid. The jury have not wasted any time have they?”
Mohammed Awan will be sentenced on Wednesday morning.

Israel: Iron Dome intercepts missiles on 6th day of attacks from Gaza

(Jerusalem)  For all the Victim hood angst on display across the Islamic world in response to President Trumps declaration that he intends to relocate the US embassy, that hasn't stopped Hamas next door in Gaza from launching yet another missile attack into Israel making 4 launched on Wednesday alone, making it the sixth day on the trot that these poor victims of Jewish oppression launched rockets into Israel.

Funny enough the major news agencies don't mention these attacks, but arrest a stone throwing thug and faster than you can utter 'Allah ackba' the media posts hundreds of articles about how bad the jews are? Anyway here's a video of Iron Dome intercepting 2 of those peaceful missiles that Hamas lobbed over the border this evening.

China: Builds DNA database of everybody from its belligerent Islamic region.

(Beijing)  China like a lot of other countries around the world has a large Islamic population which numbered around 21 million in 2000. And just like Islamic populations across the world, those in China have no problem causing mischief whist playing the victim card.

Unlike other countries China doesn’t allow itself to be bullied by the ethical latte crowd and does what it sees best in which to keep everything under control. Which is why it has embarked on a program to collect the DNA of every Muslim living in the predominantly  Xinjiang region of China in which to build a database which will allow the authorities to quickly identify anybody who leaves any biological evidence around after any incident. Yes it may not be morally right to do so, but as mentioned the mandarins in power don’t care. Meanwhile in the West the liberals complain about the President of the USA tweeting videos of Islamic based crimes.

Canada: Where leftwing politics overrules commonsense

(Ottawa) The first remit of any government is to protect its citizens, be that internally or externally.  However in Canada, the leftwing  PM who has openly declared himself as somebody who hates everything about the US, has decided that actually his adherence to left wing politics takes precedence when it comes to defending the realm.

Currently the Canadian Airforce has the CF18 as its main fighter/strike aircraft. Taken into service in 1983, it is now showing its age and is/was destined to be replaced between 2017 and 2020. Based on the F18 Hornet, the fighter jet soon proved its worth in US/Canadian service. However it was found to be lacking in its range, endurance and the amount of ordnance it can carry. So the US Navy asked for an improved F18 and Boeing came back in 1999 with the F18/E aka the Super Hornet just by extending the plane by 34 inches, it can carry 33% more internal fuel, increasing its mission range by 41% and endurance by 50% over the original Hornet, not only that, but the latest iterations all come with AESA radar, the ability to refuel other planes in flight .Then in 2011 Boeing came out with the advanced Super Hornet which improved the F18/E  even more and added semi stealth capability (Not as good as the B1/F117/F22/F35) but a huge reduction on its radar cross section when compared to other aircraft.

So when Trudeau came to power the first thing he did was scrap the planned purchase of the F35, but settled instead for purchasing the Advanced Super Hornet. Which would have replaced the current aging CF18 with something a lot better, with the bonus of not having to change its maintenance support base.

Now, in a hissy fit over the placing of tariffs of 300% of sales of passenger jets from Canada by the US, Ottawa have cancelled that sale and instead bought a load of old F18 jets from Australia . Now without getting into politics , the reason the US slapped that tariff on Canada was over the deal by Delta to purchase 75 CSeries CS100 plus 50 options at $19.6m each, below their $33.2m production cost.

As mentioned above, the first remit of any government is to protect its citizens, all Trudeau has done with his petty leftwing agenda, is ensure that Canadian servicemen will die on mass because he prefers to scimp in which to save money. Mind you on a positive note, he can hand over the money he saves to all those poor Islamic terrorists who will also receive an apology from the Canadian Government. 

Germany: So called child migrant on murder charges is actually 34

(Freiberg)  Afghan asylum seeker Hussein Khavari hit the headlines last year for all the wrong reasons last year when he was arrested for the vicious rape and murder of 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger .

Police soon chased down Hussein Khavari, who had carried out the evil deed. He entered Germany in November 2015 without identification and claimed to have come from Afghanistan and to have been born in 1999.] Because of his age he was granted asylum as an underage unaccompanied refugee and was placed with a foster family.

After his arrest, the media found out that Khavari had been jailed in 2014 for 10 years in Greece for robbing a 20-year-old student and throwing her over a cliff. He was released after one and half years in prison due to a general amnesty for juvenile offenders initiated by the Greek government (More like the Greeks knew they would all head north to Germany)

Now it has come out in the wash that this so called child migrant is actually 34 years of age and the person who said that is his own father living in safety in…Iran.

So let me get this right, here we have a man masquerading as a child who was inserted into a foster family for his protection, when actually the family itself should have been protected. Funny enough in Sweden it has been reported that 84% of all the child migrants who have turned up are actually adults, (16K in 2015 alone) and lets not forgot the fiasco of all those child migrants admitted into the UK after a huge campaign by the luvies only to find that those children look a lot like adults. (The do-gooders explained their aged looks on having a hard life) and this was after the Home office itself admitted that 2/3rds of all child migrants are adults.

And yet despite all the evidence the do-gooders are still demanding we take in yet more so called child migrants already living in Europe as it is the moral thing to do.