Wednesday, August 23, 2017

UK: Islamic rapist had to be consoled by his victim after she told him she had 'Aids'

(London) 42 year old taxis driver Suleiman Abdirizak, must have thought all his ramadans had come at once when his drunk female passenger passed out in his car.  He drove her to a secluded road and then climbed into the back with her,  in order to save time , he whipped out his penis and stuck it in his passengers mouth, telling her: 

"I'll only drive you if you suck my dick".
She told him a lie, she told him she had HIV and to keep him away from her. Suleiman freaked out, dousing his penis with water from a squash bottle and then had to be consoled by his victim because he  was so upset over the fact he had contact with somebody he presumed had Aids. Afterwards police were called and he claimed he drove up the secluded road as she wanted to go somewhere private to be sick.  
Suleiman Abdirizak, 
The victim when questioned stated that she had passed out in the car when the driver climbed into the back of the car with her and started fondling her leg, then she woke up with something in her mouth  She said 
''what are you doing?''
He replied: 
"You a pretty girl, you must get that a lot".

She added: 'I don't know how I thought of this idea to lie to him, I said I have an illness and you don't want to sleep with me. 'He thought it was an STD or something, I told him I have HIV and have had it for five years. 'I touched your penis, I don't know what could happen. 'He got out a squash bottle from his car and started washing his mouth and penis because he thought he was contaminated.. 'He immediately left her alone and rinsed out his mouth and penis with water. As he was so visibly upset 'She started comforting him and reassured him that she could not get it by touching.

The case continues

France: Charlie Hebdo offends liberals by posting that Islam is a religion of peace

(Paris)  Now why are the ethical latte drinkers offended by somebody repeating their adage that Islam is a religion of peace:

UK: Pakistani British Policemen found guilty of drug dealing.

(Birmingham) Whilst the left continue to play the race card over how people are starting to ask question regards the very large number  of Pakistani-British citizens finding themselves arrested and jailed in the Uk for criminality.

In Birmingham a Pakistani gang has just been convicted of drug dealing, however what makes this court case stand out, is that 2 of the Gang members were serving Policemen, who abused their authority in which to give their gang that edge over other drug gangs and the authorities. 
Birmingham-based West Midlands Police constables Wahid Husman, 48, and Tahsib Majid, 36, used their roles to conspire to steal quantities of Class A and B drugs, five other men also admitted a number of offences on 7 August following the police investigation.  The full list of Pakistani drug dealers are:
  • PC Tahsib Majid: Convicted on 22 August of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office, two counts of conspiracy to steal, two counts of conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to supply, unlawful disclosure of personal data
  • PC Wahid Husman: Admitted four counts of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office, two counts of conspiracy to steal, conspiracy to possess Class A drugs with intent to supply, conspiracy to possess Class B drugs with intent to supply
  • Imran Rehman: Admitted conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office, two counts of conspiracy to steal, conspiracy to possess class A drugs with intent to supply, conspiracy to possess class B drugs with intent to supply
  • Asam Qayum: Admitted conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office, conspiracy to steal, conspiracy to possess class A drugs with intent to supply, conspiracy to possess class B drugs with intent to supply
  • Shahzad Mushtaq: Admitted conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office, two counts of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply
  • Akeesh Rasab: Admitted conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office, possession of class B drugs with intent to supply
  • Imaan Haidri: Admitted conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office
All the above will be sentenced in October.

UK: Pakistani MP supports the view that for the good of diversity, child rape victims should remain silent if their abusers are Pakistani.

(Birmingham)  Last week the Shadow equalities minister 'Sarah Champion' was forced to resign due to pressure from her fellow socialists for pointing ut that the vast majority of rape gangs in the Uk are Pakistani.  Funny enough the person who was at the front of the queue of offended Socialist MPs was Pakistani MP Naz Shah ,who objected to the fact that somebody was asking public questions about the peccadilloes of her fellow countrymen.

Naz Shah was suspended (for about 5 mins) when it was exposed she is an Anti-Semite due to posts she made on Twitter coming back to bite her.  You'd think that somebody who led the moral rigorous posse in which to expel the MP for Rotherham (Where 1400 girls were raped by Pakistani men) for speaking to the media, who was herself suspended for her bigoted Tweets.  would learn to be that extra careful in future. Nope, somebody spoofed her the other-day with a tweet from another Socialist champion Owen Jones and whilst she didn't write it, she liked it and re-tweeted it. The tweet regards the 1400 child victims of Rotherham stated that the girls should simply shut their  mouths in the name of diversity.
When this picked up by bloggers, she deleted the tweet, unfortunately for this racist bitch, people had taken screen dumps of her bigotry. Oh look, there's that 'H' word again.

Switzerland: Bigoted Racist Immigrant Imam paid over $620,000 in Benefits

(Beil)  The Swiss are up in arms after it was revealed in a TV news program that the state has been funding Abu Ramadan an intolerant Libyan Islamic preacher  who whilst living in the country for over 13 years on unemployment benefit still hasn't managed to bother to learn any Western Language which will allow him to find work.   But it gets worse, when he’s not bitching about Non-Muslims, Jews, Russians and Christians, this waste of space, escorts pilgrims to Mecca living it large in luxury hotels.

The Rundschau news programme obtained a recording of Abu Ramadan preaching:

“Oh Allah, I beg you to destroy the enemies of our religion. Destroy the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Russians and the Shia. He who befriends a disbeliever is cursed until the Day of Judgment. If you tell me that a Muslim has stolen or raped…that does not matter to you, and you should not talk about it,”

And the left keep telling me that these people only come to the West in search of safety.  Pity they don't bother caring about the safety of those ugly bigots like this target with their vile religious hatred.

UK; Somalian drug gang kidnapped and raped a woman for revenge.

(Exeter)  A drug gang relocated from the city of Birmingham to the rural city of Exeter, in which to try and take over the drug market. Once they arrived they started muscling in , on the other drug dealers by carrying a series of attacks.

Calling themselves the Chyna Crew Somalians Abdirahman Abukar, Abdirahman Kadir and Ibrahim Mohammed set about building their criminal empire: Shootings, stabbings followed and in court yesterday, it was revealed they kidnapped and gang raped a 28 year old woman simply because she had been seen around another gang, so like all good Muslims they kidnapped her, held her at knifepoint, slapped her ,ordered to kiss their feet, drink toilet water, and address them as King Chyna. They told her they were going to “pimp her out to every smackhead in Exeter for £3 a time” and threatened to shave off her hair and set light to her.

Left to right: Abukar, Kadir and Mohammed 
However, unlike the TV shows they apparently based their plan of action on where victims never go to the Police, in Exeter they did and these lowlifes were soon picked up and yesterday they had their day in court. Naturally as Muslims, they pleaded their innocence, however the court was having none of this 'I am a victim shite' and they  were all found guilty. As they stormed out of court (which they refused to acknowledge) in which to spend the next few years bending over for Allah in the prison showers , the usual suspects in the public dock played the racist card in which to excuse the fact that another bunch of Intolerant Islamic thugs have just been sent down.

UK: Englishman meets Anfita

Love it:

Monday, August 21, 2017

Spain's most wanted terrorist shot dead by police whilst wearing suicide vest

(Barcelona) Spanish police, hunting the Moroccan driver from last Thursday's Barcelona van attack, have shot dead a man to the west of the city who was wearing a rig which resembled an explosive belt, The incident took place some 25 miles from Barcelona in the town of Subirat.

Spanish media are reporting that Abouyaaqoub the man wanted for the van attack as the man killed, Police were alerted to the town after a member of the public tipped them off that the man they were after had been spotted at a petrol station. When the police arrived the man confronted them wearing a suicide vest screaming "Allahu Akbar" in return a policeman went 'Bang,bang'.

China demonstrates Active Protection System (APS) known as the GL-5

(Beijing) China has joined the ranks of nations which have developed an Active Protection System (APS) for its armoured vehicles. APS are designed to defend and protect vehicles from primarily anti-tank missiles which have of late been used to deadly effect in Syria. The best known and battle proven is the Israeli Trophy APS.

The Chinese system, named GL-5, was demonstrated to the world during a live-fire display as part of NORINCO’s second ‘Armour Day’ in Bautou, Inner Mongolia. The configuration of the GL-5 was confirmed, with the system employing a radar sensor system and grenade-type interceptor countermeasures, aka Hard Kill.

Designed to be mounted onto Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) and other armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), the GL-5 employs four radar sensors, each covering a 90° arc.

These have a detection range of approximately 100 m and an elevation angle of 20°. When seen mounted on the test vehicle during the live-fire demonstration, two of these sensors are positioned on the front of the turret’s roof, with a further two on the rear of the turret.

The Chinese system doesn't appear as compact as Western systems which tend to use just 2 launchers. However, it works, and with an export economy which sells to anybody no questions asked, lots of third world countries will be lining up to fit these onto their own armoured vehicles. Which chips away at the qualitative edge the West has had for over 200 years when it comes to land warfare.

France: Van driven into 2 bus stops 1 women killed, many injured

(Marseille) In yet another example of a vehicle being used to attack people in Europe, this morning at 8am, a 35-year-old man drove a van into a crowded bus stop in the Croix-Rouge area of Marseille.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, but people were injured. The driver drove off. An hour later, the same vehicle was driven onto another bus shelter five miles away from the first crash. Here, a 42-year-old woman was killed. Somebody took the number of the vehicle and police arrested the driver.

The van used in the incident.

Apparently, the police are not treating this as terrorism, simply stating that the driver had mental health issues.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

UK: Pakistani community in Rotherham sees itself as the real victims

(Rotherham) There's been much furore in the UK of late over how to deal with the issue of Islamic (predominately Pakistani) rape gangs which, it has been revealed, have been allowed to operate across the land for years, safe in the knowledge that nobody would act due to the stupidity of those in power who saw pointing out the bleeding obvious as racism.

Anyway, as I mentioned, when Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, pointed out the above, she was forced to resign by members of her own party for expressing intolerance towards the Pakistani community. Well, today, The Guardian newspaper has followed that up with a piece about how the sizeable Pakistani community in Rotherham (where over 1,400 girls were raped by Pakistani males) feel that they are the victims here:

The thing is, whilst not everybody within the Pakistani community living in the UK is a rapist, a very large number of those arrested, charged and convicted of sexual indiscretions towards women (predominately little white girls) come from within that community. Such a close knit community and nobody bothered to address the situation either by informing their village elders, the authorities or even the police. They didn't, and instead of putting their hands up and admitting that something is very wrong inside the closed shop that is the Paksitani community, they come out with crap such as this:
Alam argues that already Champion’s wording has reinforced a prejudiced view of British Pakistani men. “How on earth are we going to expect impartial juries here? We are in a situation now where there is a complete abrogation from the executive, the legislative, in relation to the issue of Islamophobia and we need a strategic response from government. Thinking about the things Sarah has said, it’s almost like lighting the touch paper.”
“Sarah knows the issue and she knows the dangers of racialising the issue; such comments are astonishingly unhelpful.”
“People are asking where this has come from. Has she always had these views? It was unwise, in the most extreme sense, to betray an entire ethnic group and I still have no idea why she said it.
Welcome to the UK of today where mass rapists have become the victims.

Germany: Asylum seeker murdered his ex-girlfriend because she ditched him

(Muenster) 28-year-old Nigerian Anthony I' arrived in Germany in 2015, claiming asylum, stating that as he was a homosexual and the fact he’d been fighting Islamic terror group Boko Haram, his life was in danger and he sought safety in the first country he came to. The fact that there are numerous countries and a sea between Nigeria and Germany didn’t ring any bells with anybody.

Well, as one of the hundreds of thousands who also sought safety by seeking shelter in the first country they could get to, Anthony was placed in a local asylum seekers' home. There, whilst regurgitating stories of how he took it like a man whilst fighting toe to toe against Boko Haram, he met 21-year-old student Soopika Paramanathan, who in her spare time helped out at said asylum seeker home.

The pair dated, but after a month she broke off the relationship because 'She felt threatened by him’. That was September last year.

This February, Anthony, unable to accept that he wasn't the centre of the Earth, lay in wait for her after she visited a friend's house, and as she walked by, he attacked her, stabbing her repeatedly in the head, neck and breasts. She did try to defend herself with a pepper spray, but alas it didn’t work, and despite being rushed to the local hospital, she died. It appears that Anthony had thought his attack out, as he had brought along a suitcase and was in the process of shoving his victims body into it when he was stopped by other people. He then did a runner to Switzerland where he was arrested and returned to Germany. In court, Anthony I' has refused to speak, quite possibly because it has been exposed that he is a lying piece of shite who isn’t gay, a freedom fighter or even a f-ing asylum seeker.

The court case continues.