Wednesday, February 19, 2020

UK: Leftwing BBC has lost the plot

(London) Last week I paid out £154 to the BBC so I can legally watch the telly for another year. Currently in the Uk there is a huge movement regards paying out such a sum, especially when the idiots at the BBC do nothing but peddle leftwing propaganda as the news.  When I say left wing propaganda at the BBC , I mean how they openly hate the US, Israel and of course the Uk. If you are white male and heterosexual, you can only be seen as a racist Nazis twat.  So what kind of crap does my £154 purchase: Well here's an article asking the question how should you be addressed gender wise on your email:

Then there was this asking if Vegans (The BBC are really big on pushing a non-meat diet onto the UK) should have their own shelf in the office fridge:

Then there was this outpouring from the BBC, about how somebody who doesn' t identify as either male or female has such a hard time getting a haircut.
I kid you not, that is an actual story from the BBC and due to the anger it generated over how the BBC licence fee is being abused to push out shit like this, the BBC have followed up by stating they have reported people for offensive tweets.