Friday, October 11, 2019

Uk: Terrorist Knife rampage in shopping centre

(Manchester) I have to admit it never fails to amaze me the lengths the authorities go to in covering up acts of terrorism by the faithful in the UK. For the past few weeks all we have been hearing is that the far right present a much bigger threat to the public than anything else in the Uk and yet time and time again we find it isn't white bigots going around murdering people on mass, rather it is followers of the religion of peace.


Anyway this morning a 41 year old non white person (The reason I point out the colour is the media love to scream out the colour when the guilty bastard is white, but kind of refrain when the shoe is on the other foot) decided to walk into a shopping centre (What we in the UK call a Mall) and start stabbing people with a knife. He was quickly apprehended, but not before he had stabbed 4 people. The picture the BBC have aired of this man is this one:

Dispite  the incident being classed as a terrorist incident, the police have stated that the knifeman has been detained under the Mental Health Act. Get that nothing at all that points to why? Here is a picture which shows what the BBC and the police don't want to point out.

What will it take for the ethical latte brigade to wake up to the fact, that the religion they love to promote as one of peace and only a victim in the west is anything but.