Sunday, September 22, 2019

Australia: lebanese brothers found guilty of plotting to blow Airliner.

(Sydney) Two Lebanese  brothers-51 year old Khaled and 34 year old Mahmoud Khayat- have now been found guilty of plotting to blow up a passenger plane with a bomb hidden in a meat grinder andto carrying out a lethal poisonous gas attack.

The men plotted with their brother, Tarek currdntly with Islamic State in Syria, and “the controller”, an unidentified person connected with the older brother to blow up an Etihad flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi in 2017 using a bomb which had been smuggled into Australia from abroad and which had been packed inside a meat grinder for the flight. Thankfully the weight of the luggage was too heavy and the passenger- Amer Khayat a third brother of the two above- was forced to travel without his luggage to Beirut.  His brother Khaled stated to their ISIS controller that he was happy to take the bomb on board a flight , but his quest for infamy was denied when his as yet unknown ISIS controller in Australia denied him to walk down that path, saying he was needed  to help plan a poisonous gas attack.

Unfortunately for Allahs little helpers, Israeli intelligence tipped off the Australians and a fortnight after the failed bomb attempt, 5 homes were raided and the two brothers were picked up. The younger brother Amer  who claims he was duped by his brothers to go out with a bang was picked up in Beirut and where he was banged up until earlier on this week when the Lebanese found him not guilty, he is now hoping to return to return to Australia.

A fourth brother - Fadi Khayat - who resides in Beirut claims his brothers are innocent and that they have all been tainted by the west as guilty due to a fifth brother – 46 year old Tarek Khayat- who is a fully paid up AK47 carrying member of ISIS in Syria.
"None of my brothers are related to this. In my opinion, it's all because we've got a brother who was in Syria who was with ISIS, he is with ISIS, this is what complicating things is and making them appear guilty."
Yeah right.